Wedding Table Scape

Wedding Table Scape


A wedding table scape is set for special gatherings with crafty cocktails, fine dining and fancy details. Here are the steps to create an innovative wedding table scape

Search around for what you love, whether it’s a garden with a white picket fence, a stone wall with a water feature or a rustic door with iron hinges. You want the setting to be perfect and with what you love most

What are your favorite colors? Perhaps you have a pre-set color theme or is it just white or all green?

Food and beverage selection is most important for your guests. Type of food service will affect your table scape. Will you have French rolls, types of appetizers, ceviche, salad, soup or desserts? You may tie your food and bar service into your theme. Attend a tasting prior to choosing your caterer and bar service. This is of utmost importance! Choose vendors who provide superb services with attention to creative and innovative product that is fresh and new.

Will you use a Victorian style place setting, sandstone, wood, terracotta, fine linens, lace, pillar candles, taper candles, antique vases, silver, gold or flowers? Perhaps your design items will be organic, rustic or formal in style.

Fine table scapes do not have to be pricey. You may choose a fine fabric cut leaving the unfinished edge in place for a romantic and relaxed look.

Give your design a face lift by adding a bowl of fruit, hand painted menus, an odd dessert fork, rustic water glass, various chairs for each guest, specific napkins loosely set on each plate, and seasonal décor.

Always have something shiny, something natural and a water feature. It may be as simple as silver flatware, beautifully potted vines in the center of the table and an elegant water glass with a mint leaf. Add a nice choice of music to go with your theme and your favorite genre.

Make sure each setting shines. Even the most rustic table scapes are clean. You may create a loose look, but it must have clean lines and organization. Make sue each setting is perfect and in place how you wish it to be. Each setting may or may not be set identically. Will the temperature cool off at the end of the evening? Drape an elegant shawl on the backs of female guests.

Choose a planner or coordinator who has a keen eye for detail and who may maximize your vision in the most creative and natural way possible. Detail setting on your event day is time consuming and may not be rushed. It’s meticulous and the time spent shows in the end. The fine set up will impress your guests who have various quirks and personalities.

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maui wedding table scape

maui wedding table scape


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Maui wedding reception flowers

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Alii Kula Lavender Farm

Private Maui Wedding Ceremony and Dinner

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11 Wedding Toast Tips

11 Wedding Toast Tips


Here are 11 wedding toast tips that will “break the ice” and bring all wedding guests together to celebrate a special occasion for a special wedding couple. It may be sentimental, humorous, profound, witty, cynical and unique.

1. Keep your toast short. Write it down and practice once or twice. It should last no longer than 1 minute long. A toast is not a speech, which usually comes later during dinner.

2. Remember, your toast will set the tone of the entire wedding event. Wedding guests remember toasts with great delivery and those not so good. Your goal is to elevate the mood of the event at least one level higher. Take time to prepare for this very important souvenir of the day.

3. Always stand when giving your toast. It’s best to hold your toasting flute or glass with your right hand and straight out at shoulder level. It’s best to be sober or relaxed when giving your toast so make sure you didn’t drink too much before. If you are intoxicated when giving your toast, you may ramble on too long. Remember, guest have a toasting glass in hand awaiting the toast. Briefly introduce yourself. Speak loudly and clearly with eye contact to your guests.

4. Be kind, sincere and be yourself. You were chosen to provide the toast because you are you. A common mistake people make at weddings is to try to be funny. If you would like to deliver a funny toast, please practice it in advance with someone who may provide constructive remarks about your toast. This is for your own good. Your goal may be to make at least one person laugh with a single line. You can stand tall and proud if you can get an event full of smiling guests.

5. Remember to toast to the couple and the toast is not about you. Never complain about anything in a toast. Keep it positive.

6. Always end your toast on a positive note and ask guests to join in. For example, “Cheers”, “Raise your glasses” or “Here’s to the new Mr. and Mrs. (name)”.

7. Make sure everyone has a beverage to toast to, including children. Children may toast to ginger ale. A toast is the ultimate act of inclusion, so nobody gets left out.

8. Clink before you drink. In the old days, the purpose of clinking of glasses was a protective gesture to scare away the devil. Today, it’s still nice to clink your toasting glasses.

9. Never refuse to participate in a toast. Rather than not toast, you may wish to toast with an empty glass in hand.

10. Never bring up ex-wives, old boyfriends or girlfriends, life failures, inside jokes. You want to include all guests and not leave anyone out. Remember, a toast is not a roast where the couple would be the center of a series of practical jokes.

11. The rule for the toastee is to respond appropriately. Do not stand or drink to yourself. Once the toast is finished, you may bow or thank in acknowledgment. You may raise your glass and propose a toast to the toaster or to anyone else.


May their joys be as deep as the ocean. And may their misfortunes as light as the foam

Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.
– Walter Winchell

Parent’s toast:
It is written, “When children find true love, parents find true joy.” Here’s to your joy and ours, from this day forward.

Second marriage:
You only get married for the second time once
– Garrison Keillor
Wedlock is like fine wine – not properly judged of till the second glass
– Ernest Jarrold

Eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart
– Ecclesiastes 917


Austrian: Prosit
Brazilian: Saude Viva
Chinese: Nien Nien nu e. Kong Chien. Kan bei. Yum sen. Wen lie
Danish: Skal
Egypian: Fee sihetak.
Finnish: Kippis. Maljanne
French: A votre sante. Sante.
German: Prosit. Auf ihr wohl
Greek: Eis Igian
Hawaiian: Okole maluna. Hauoli maoli oe. Meli kalikama.
Hungarian: Kedves egeszsegere.
Indian: Jaikind. Aanand
Italian: A la salute. Salute. Cin cin.
Japanese: Kampai. Banzai
Korean: Kong gang ul wil ha yo.
Malayan: Slamat minum.
Mexican: Salud.
New Zealand: Kia ora.
Norwegian: Skal.
Philippine: Mabuhay.
Polish: Na zdrowie. Vivat.
Portuguese: A sua saude
Romanian: Noroc. Pentru sanatatea dunneavoastra.
Russian: Na zdorovia.
Spanish: Salud. Salud, amor y pesetas y el tiempo para gustarlos!
Thai: Sawasdi
Turkish: Serefe
Welsh: Iechyd da.
Yugoslavian: Zivio.
Zulu: Oogy wawa.

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Tropical Maui Wedding Love

Tropical Maui Wedding Love


Tropical Maui wedding love happens at Sugar Beach Villa. Joseph and Marika met in their favorite city of San Francisco when their two households, the Presidio House Boys and the Bush Street Girls, became and inseparable group of friends. After too many nights out in The City, D-Block barbecues, Bush Street game nights, trips to Lake Tahoe, San Diego and Colorado, Marika could no longer resist Joseph’s Ritz Carlton charm (aka Perks!) and impressive dance moves. Joseph was captivated by Marika’s “sassy” personality and ability to put up with the “Team”.

Nearly seven years later, Joseph and Marika have been through 6 moves, 2 long distance stints and far too many flights to total up. Yet, through it all they maintained their sense of humor, love, friendship and true appreciation for each other.

Having vacationed together in Hawaii numerous times, including their most recent trip where Marika said “YES”, they decided there is no better place to bring their smiles and closest friends together than “The Valley Isle” of Maui.

Marika and Joseph chose white, green, natural wood, gold, and soft pops of color as their wedding colors. They loved the island and Hawaiian style, tropical theme, banana and palm leaves and pineapple theme. Marika was especially fond of adorning a beautiful flower crown to match her bouquet. The dining tables were set with stunning flower and pineapple centerpieces with a special cookie treat for each guest from Honolulu Cookie Company.

Photography: Natalie Brown Photography
Venue: Sugar Beach Villa
Flowers: Dellables
Music: Maui DJ Services
Rentals: Paradise Event Rentals
Hair and Make Up: Maui Make Up Artistry
Shave Ice: Ululani’s Shave Ice
Musician: Marvin Tevega


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Maui Lanai Wedding

Maui Lanai Wedding

Maui Lanai wedding venue was a special location for Nina and Brendan’s Maui destination wedding. The ocean view venue offers a beautiful private wedding setting with full ocean views and a wonderful large lanai to enjoy while getting ready. You may set up a long dining table atop the lanai for all guests to enjoy the ocean view during dinner. You may choose to set your table with elegant plateware and flat ware, crystal glassware, pillar candles and lovely foliage. The Balinese style Maui Lanai estate is a lovely setting for Maui island weddings.

Nina and Brendan are a modern wedding couple who planned a spectacular DIY and detail filled wedding. Nina wore a soft white v-back wedding dress. Brendan complimented her beauty with white and tan to show off her olive skin tone. The guests all wore white tones which allowed the natural surroundings and most delicate flowers to set the tone for an elegant wedding. The focus of the wedding day was directed toward the beautiful bride and groom on their most memorable day ever!

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Wedding foodies are people who have an ardent or refined interest in food and cuisine. A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger. A foodie is a person who spends a keen amount of attention and energy on knowing the ingredients of food, the proper preparation of food, and finds great enjoyment in top notch ingredients and specific preparations. A foodie enjoys delicacies and unique food items that may sometimes be difficult to obtain. Foodies may incorporate food from various nationalities into their own. For example, in creating an interesting and unique dish in Hawaii, we may use a Jamaican bread fruit menu to enhance a flavorful meat entrée which is unique to the local bread fruit uses.

Foodies are a distinct hobbyist group. Typical foodie interests and activities include the food industry, wineries and wine tasting, breweries food science, following restaurant openings and closings and occasionally re-openings, food distribution, food fads, health and nutrition and culinary tourism.

Not long ago, food was food. Remember the Smorgasbord where the buffet style meal of various hot and cold hors d’oeurves to choose from? Now, food is politics and ethics as much as it is sustainability, in that the choices we make about food matters. The choices may be organically grown or local farm to table to support the community. Yet, foodies don’t expect their food choices to change or save the world, but their choices are based on what they prefer to cook and eat based on their caring attitudes toward creating a better place to breathe and live.

Foodies eat out frequently. They cook from scratch creating meals from across the world, all delicious and talk about food over dinner and into hours following dinner.

Our mission is to create a wedding event where many of the guests may who arrive from foreign countries or cities such as San Francisco or New York may experience amazing food and innovative presentation! We’ll source out the best catering company to provide mouthfuls of flavor teasing for every taste bud because your lovely guests deserve the chance to taste and embrace the imagination of a foodie. We wish for your guests to experience and taste incredible food that they may brag about for days, months and years on end.

Memorable wedding events come in all styles and sizes. Many of them invest thousands of dollars into creating beautiful flowers, great music, unique tables and chairs, beautifully designed calligraphy menus and escort cards, stunning hair and make up. We look forward to connecting foodie guests to other like guests who share different experiences with their taste buds!

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