Creating an Unforgettable Green and White Beach Wedding (with insider tips!)

Creating an Unforgettable Green and White Beach Wedding (with insider tips!)

Romance is in the air.




Imagine a romantic beach wedding that’s oh so perfect. The right combination of sun, shade, even refreshing coconuts to drink.

Your guests are relaxed. They’ve had a week to unwind and party before the big day. They’ve left their stress behind. They’ve enjoyed fabulous events, sumptuous restaurant meals, and sun in the fun outings.

Now the big day’s arrived. You’re dressed to the nines. The weather is perfect. Blue skies above, the ocean waves caressing the sand. The warmth of the Hawaiian sun on your skin. Gratitude for the people in your life to share your celebration.

maui wedding design

Shoes are optional, and drinks are extra special

Maybe you need to wear gorgeous shoes at your wedding – Jimmy Choo adds that irresistible wow factor. But do your guests? After all, this is the beach. And, you’re in Hawaii. How about going more casual? Give your guests the chance to select their own rubber flip flops to wear on the beach. Let them pick a color. Will it be classic white, powder blue or dusky lilac?

Or let them celebrate barefoot, toes in the sand. How many barefoot weddings have you or they been to? This is one wedding they’ll remember.

Drinks anyone? Thanks to those yummy drinking coconuts, everyone’s thirst is quenched. And, these coconuts taste good and are super nutritious. Or for more buzz, there’s a full bar nearby that can whip up something special for each person. How about giving each guest a custom wedding cocktail upon arrival?

Could this be your wedding?

Insider tip: If you’re planning a beach wedding in the sun, make sure your guests don’t pass out from the heat. Give them plenty of shade, opportunities to cool down, and something fun to drink!

This was a wedding that really happened. Not just a fantasy.

Our couple’s wedding vision

Marisa and Bryan at Pacific O RestaurantMarisa and Bryan, our bride and groom, are so happy to have their custom wedding dreams come true. They are big fans of the green and white color palette and they love Hawaii. Marisa has been coming to Maui yearly since she was a child and knew she wanted to have a destination wedding here.

Insider tip: One of 2017’s most popular wedding trends is the green and white color palette. Natural and timeless, this color scheme also looks very contemporary and refreshing.
If you don’t love green and white, what colors do you and your partner love? Pick one or two favorite colors to coordinate your wedding and reception décor.

Hailing from Texas and California, our couple envisioned a custom green and white theme wedding at a stunning beachfront location on Maui. They wanted a fun and glamorous wedding followed by an all-out wedding party, not a formal reception. They needed a place to kick up their heels and dance the night away.

They also wanted a wedding that celebrated their connection to nature. A wedding that included elements of Hawaii – the endless ocean, the lush tropical jungle, fresh coconuts, a Hawaiian canoe, and pineapples. They didn’t want a stuffy wedding, but they wanted every detail to have an impact.

Their wedding challenge: an intimate beach wedding that could satisfy their foodie and fine wine standards. Plus it needed to have an amazing dance venue. It needed to impress them and their law firm colleagues.

It needed to be beautiful.
It needed to be casual.
It needed to be elegant.
It needed to be fun.

What better location for a luxury beach wedding than Pacific’O, an oceanfront restaurant in Lahaina? One of the top restaurants on Maui for fine dining, Pacific’O has it all. So many advantages to having a wedding here, so why not Pacific’O?

Features and Benefits of a Pacific’O Wedding

  • elegant ambience
  • gourmet dining
  • patio umbrellas providing generous shade from the hot sun
  • an extensive wine menu
  • a full bar
  • top-notch dance floor
  • almost no chance of rain
  • protected and private setting
  • prime beachfront location
  • easy to find

With this location on the West Side of Maui, the chances of a rainy wedding were almost non-existent. Some beach venues on Maui are exquisite but risk getting rained out. Our wedding couple didn’t want to take a chance. Dry and sunny Lahaina practically guarantees perfect wedding weather.

Insider tip: Is your beach venue ideally located? Is there any chance of rain? Do you have a backup plan or alternative venue if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Pacific’O is a model of farm-to-table dining, sourcing ingredients from its own farm, O’o Farms in Upcountry Maui. The restaurant also supports other Hawaii farms. Pacific’O favors local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

It has a reputation for contemporary Pacific Rim cuisine with memorable and bold flavors. Seafood lovers rejoice in the exquisite presentation of the fresh-caught fish. Meat lovers and vegetarians also find excellent options to tantalize their taste buds.

Outstanding wine selection at Pacific’O

While there are other wonderful wedding venues on Maui that offer excellent catering, not all of them have such an ambitious wine selection. We counted more than 100 wines on their wine list, including some organic, sustainable, biodynamic and “unoaked” alternative wines.

Insider tip: If your wedding party includes wine collectors and connoisseurs, they will appreciate the opportunity to sample different wines. Make sure the wine selection will dazzle their eyes and refresh their palate. Your wedding caterer should reflect your values. If you value sustainability, organic agriculture, and supporting local farmers, your wedding banquet should provide organic, local, and sustainably harvested food.

A private beach wedding venue

Though located in Lahaina’s shopping district, Pacific’O is surprisingly intimate for a wedding and reception. The restaurant receives very little afternoon traffic from barefoot beachgoers, making the location very private and secluded for our wedding couple.

Insider tip: There are many beautiful beaches on Maui. Technically, all beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. So there’s always a chance that someone could wander into your wedding, though many residents and visitors are respectful. Still, it’s a good idea to select beaches that are more private. This location in Lahaina ranks high in privacy.

Breathtaking scenery and great dancing at Pacific’O

The scenery from Pacific’O is breathtaking: views of the nearby islands of Molokai and Lanai and perfect Maui sunsets. The outdoor patio is merely steps away from the sandy beach.

Pacific’O’s patio setting provided the main scene for their wedding event with strings of bistro lighting accenting the beachfront location. The black and white flooring near the bar area set the tone for dancing with open air acoustics.

Marisa’s dancing feet were pure joy in her silver shoes. Maui DJ Services provided the perfect dance music. If anyone needed a break from dancing, they could take off their shoes, and run to the beach to dip their toes in the water. Marisa and Bryan loved this venue.

Wedding catering services by Pacific’O

Pacific O Wedding

  • Welcome cocktail for each arriving guest
  • Plated dinner service
  • Open bar
  • Hand passed appetizers
  • Dessert bar featuring chocolate decadence

Elegant wedding desserts

Speaking of dessert, for the cutting ceremony, our couple chose an elegant white 8” cake composed of yellow butter cake and chocolate mousse filling, frosted with white chocolate buttercream icing. Marisa’s mother hand selected chocolate turtles for each place setting, making each guest feel extra special.

Classy pineapples and etched glass details

Pacific O WeddingYes, this wedding is casual, but it’s also stylish and luxurious.

An etched glass welcome sign, enhanced by the sunlight, adds a touch of elegance to this beach wedding. The guest book is actually a ceramic pineapple container with paper for guests to jot down their “message in a pineapple.” How clever.

What Hawaii wedding would be complete without a pineapple?

Everything is so romantic, from the rehearsal dinner at Taverna the night before to the intimate beach setting. So many beautiful details: gorgeous wedding floral displays, the bride’s wedding dress, and the live Hawaiian music by Kalo de Leon. Joe Miles officiated a personal and meaningful ceremony.

Green and white wedding flower arrangements on the beach

The wedding flowers by Dellables are sumptuous – unusual anthurium flowers with exotic tropical leaves, all in a green and white color scheme. The tropical leaves echo the lush jungle greenery on the windward side of Maui.

There is a white outrigger canoe festooned with a bouquet of tropical flowers and greenery. The wedding party is all smiles and laughter. Photographer J. Anthony Martinez captured all these magical wedding moments.

More details of the tropical green and white theme inside

The tropical green and white theme tied so many details together from the wedding invitations and place cards, to the gift bags, beach signs, corsages, hair ornaments, and bridesmaids’ dresses. Dramatic tropical jungle leaves accented the wedding stationery.

The wedding florist, Dellables, used the color white in a stunning way to accent the inspirational floral arrangements. The ceramic vases, bowls, and floral containers were a pure white, not an off-white shade. Their perfect white hue created a clean and formal look for the greenery and flowers on display. The effect was truly striking!

Our bride’s natural beauty enhanced by her dress and makeup

Pacific O WeddingMarisa was so beautiful and radiant in her lacy wedding dress.

Maui Makeup Artistry enhanced our bride’s natural beauty with waterproof airbrush foundation, blush, contour, and a hint of false eyelashes. They shaped her eyebrows and added shimmer to her décolleté. With her wedding entourage, she was composed and ready for photographs every day.

Fun and casual details for a beach wedding

Marisa and Bryan’s wedding had so many fun and casual details: fresh drinking coconuts, glow rings for dancing, ribbons on sticks for the recessional, and advice cards at the guest sign in table. It wasn’t just another elegant wedding, but an event where guests could be truly spontaneous and relaxed.

Insider tip: Even if you’re planning a more formal wedding, are there some casual and interactive details you can include?

Marisa and Bryan enjoyed their tropical destination wedding with a weeklong series of events in paradise. From basking in the wonderful Maui sun to rehearsal dinner in Taverna to their wedding feast day on the beach at Pacific’O, they truly had a wedding in paradise!

9 details that made their green and white beach wedding unforgettable

  1. Unusual floral and foliage arrangements that relied heavily on shapes and textures rather than on masses of flowers.
  2. A specially decorated Hawaiian paddling canoe on the beach, reminding guests of the island’s culture.
  3. Etched glass wedding signs that added a classy and luminous effect.
  4. Pineapple ceramic containers for guests to write a “message in a pineapple” instead of a traditional wedding guest book. This added a whimsical touch.
  5. Flowers arranged in pure white ceramic vases and bowls for the wedding dinner. A minimalist and elegant look for the table settings.
  6. Caterers provided ice cold drinking coconuts at the beach! Guests could enjoy a refreshing and healthy natural drink.
  7. Rubber flip flops at the beach so guests could be truly comfortable at the wedding. They could even go barefoot, island style.
  8. Instead of more generic printed place cards, the place cards had each guest’s name written by hand. They were green and white signs with a natural stone paperweight.
  9. Decorative screen of exotic palm leaves and ti leaves on the beach – perfect for photo opportunities and selfies!

Are you dreaming of a luxury wedding on Maui? What is your unique vision for your wedding? What ideas excite you? Also, what are your values and how do you want them highlighted in your wedding? Weddings should reflect your authentic self and what you aspire for in your relationship. Contact us today to help you plan your destination wedding!

Mahalo to our wedding team

Photography – J Anthony Martinez
Venue and Catering – Pacific’O
Floral Design – Dellables
Officiant – Joe Miles
DJ – Maui DJ Services
Live Music – Kalo De Leon
Makeup Artist – Maui Makeup Artistry
Bridal Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Drinking Coconuts – The Catered Coconut
Coordinator – A Maui Wedding Day

Alii Kula Lavender Farm Indian Wedding

Alii Kula Lavender Farm Indian Wedding

Alii Kula Lavender Farm Indian Wedding

Open your eyes to a feast of color. That’s an Indian wedding.

Red for happiness, swirling patterns of henna and paisley.
Ornate Indian jewels and fabrics.
Freshly picked flower petals in a bowl.
Luscious tropical fruit and golden platters.

Then add lavender to the setting.

Lots and lots of lavender.

The bride gazed at fields of lavender growing on the slopes of a dormant volcano. The Maui wind tugged gently at her long dark hair. Radiant and shining in her wedding finery, she contemplated the stunning views from the slopes of Haleakala to the sea. The bright red of her robes symbolized happiness.

Her gaze rested on Mauna Kahalawai, the striking mountains of the West Side of Maui. The brocade fabric encircled her body and a chorus of metal bangles jingled on her wrist. Intricate henna tattoos called mehndi decorated her hands and feet.

This day connected her to the time-honored traditions of her people, to the hopes and dreams of all the Hindu brides that came before her through generations past. Feeling the connection with her female ancestors gave her support and pride in her lineage. She was the model of serenity and poise, yet her heart fluttered like a hummingbird’s wings.

As the bride watched, the late morning fog rolled in, like an intimate caress, flirting with the sunlight. The dance of fog and light created a magical, even a mystical ambiance. The fog whispered of hidden treasures of great beauty that could only be revealed to the pure of heart. The atmosphere was hushed with expectation and hope.

This was her wedding day, when she would begin a new life with her beloved.

They could not have picked a more auspicious location: the Alii Kula Lavender farm in Upcountry Maui. Commonly called AKL Maui, this farm is a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Up a narrow country road, the lavender farm encompasses 13.5 acres. At 4,000 feet above sea level, the view showcases rolling hills massaged by sunlight and shadows. The ocean glimmers, lustrous, like polished mother of pearl inside an oyster shell. The islands of Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe beckon in the distance.

Fields of lavender grace the landscape, infusing the air with their heavenly and refreshing scent. Off the beaten track, the farm does not allow any tour buses, to prevent the atmosphere from becoming too commercial.

Why have a lavender wedding?

The couple had selected this rural setting deliberately. They wanted the land to bless them with its life force, or mana in Hawaiian. They wanted the land to imbue their marriage with its strength and abundance.

Alii Kula Lavender Farm, a sanctuary for the spirit, was the natural choice for their wedding venue. The couple wanted their marriage to draw upon these values reflected in the land: serenity, connection to the earth, reverence for life, beauty, and peace. Whatever challenges they may face as a couple, they could draw strength from the blessing of this land.

The lavender farm, rooted in reverence to nature, embodies principles of sustainability and sacred stewardship of the land. More than 45 varieties of lavender grow here including Spanish, French, Provence, and English cultivars.Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding

History of the farm

It all started with just one lavender plant given to Alii Chang, the farm’s founder, at his retirement party. Though he was a master horticulturalist and formerly owned a successful flower farm, Alii had no experience growing lavender. Not sure what to do with his gift, he planted it in the ground.

To his delight, his little plant flourished in Kula’s relatively dry climate. Lavender is a scrappy perennial that can thrive in poor soils with scarce rainfall, but could still die of negligence. Alii believed that the plant chose him and his land. Inspired by the plant’s vigorous growth, Alii added 1000 more lavender plants within a year. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Alii Kula Lavender Farm, often called by its initials AKL, grows 55,000 lavender plants. It employs several gardeners who pick lavender daily for bouquets, beauty products, home décor, and culinary treats like lavender scones, lavender lemonade, lavender honey and lavender tea. The lavender scones are an irresistible treat and we can’t recommend them enough.

No matter what time of year one visits, there is always lavender in bloom. Besides lavender, the farm cultivates Tuscan olive trees, hardy succulents, exotic protea flowers from South Africa, orchids, cypress trees, assorted tropical plants, and even peach trees. Garden fountains and sculptures from Alii’s travels dot the landscape. A photographer’s dream, this rustic venue offers a beautiful and eye-catching canvas for Maui weddings.

Lavender as a restorative experience

Any wedding here is a full-blown sensory experience. Lavender flowers fill the air, cleansing and rejuvenating the spirit. Lavender is symbolic of joy, devotion, purity, and renewal. The soothing texture of lavender beckons and the uplifting wind feels luscious on the skin. We could feel, touch, smell, and even taste the special moments of this ceremony.

Lavender is also famed as a stress-reliever. Calming and restorative, it can bring anxious brides or wedding guests into emotional balance. Everyone benefits, whatever their ancestry or upbringing.

Traditional Indian wedding elements

While many weddings require careful planning, an ethnic Indian wedding also involves special considerations for ritual items and customs. These practices have existed for thousands of years, since the time of the Vedas, scriptures revered by Hindus.

For their traditional Hindu wedding, the couple required a mandap, a ceremonial covered platform for the taking of vows. For their intimate ceremony, the mandap needed to serve as a sacred space. It symbolizes the home that the bride and groom will create as a couple.

Nestled on a sloping green hill overlooking the far-off ocean, the farm gazebo was perfect for this purpose. It offered panoramic views of the island and a generous expanse of open lawn. This Indian wedding was small, but the venue can accommodate 75 people.

Paradise Event Rentals transformed the gazebo into an elegant canopied altar replete with a crystal chandelier in the center. They arranged a canopy, blankets, pillows and platters. In the center, they positioned a sacred fire pit or agni, and placed a bowl of fruit (bananas, apple, dragonfruit, mango and grapes), ceremonial objects, even a husked coconut.

A few highlights of this Indian wedding:

Hindu priest Pandit Ramananda traveled to Maui from the Big Island to perform our religious Indian ceremony.

Baraat – the arrival of the groom

Riding on a brown horse named Sugar, the groom approached the mandap. Male friends and family accompanied him. Sugar fit the part and acted as if she knew the wedding was sacred and meaningful. Thank you to Kula Thompson Ranch for preparing Sugar for our special occasion.

Arrival of the bride

An entourage of four olive-skinned men from Manutea Nui E escorted the bride to the mandap along with female friends and relatives.

Exchange of flower garlands

The bride and groom exchanged long flower garlands, called jaimala or varmala. This act symbolizes the acceptance of the bride and groom to each other.

Circling the sacred fire or agni

The bride and groom circled the fire seven times while keeping in mind their aspirations for their life together – including their duty to each other, wishes for wealth, passion, and salvation.

Release of butterflies

Not a traditional Indian wedding practice, but a magical moment. We opened butterfly boxes and a flurry of wings filled the air. The last delicate butterfly hugged Jackie’s henna designed hand.

With the beautiful lavender farm setting, this Indian wedding was magical – incorporating the beauty and blessings of Maui with reverence for the ancient sacred traditions of India.

What kind of wedding do you want to have? Let us help you have a fantastic destination Maui wedding. Contact us here.

Photographer: Love and Water
Videographer: Sunlit Films
Florist: Bella Bloom
Venue: Alii Kula Lavender Farm
Bride Escorts: Manutea Nui E
Horse: Sugar at Thompson Ranch
Officiant: Pandit Ramananda
Coordinator: A Maui Wedding Day

Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm WeddingAlii Kula Lavender Farm WeddingAlii Kula Lavender Farm WeddingAlii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding v Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm WeddingAlii Kula Lavender Farm WeddingAlii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding Alii Kula Lavender Farm Wedding





Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding offers stunning Wailea golf and ocean views. The bride chose a soft color palette of mauve, ivory and pinks with a hint of gold. The groom kept to a simple and neutral khaki color tone. Having a simple chandelier added just the right touch of elegance and sparkle to the evening. Congratulations to Joyce and Nick on their lovely and picturesque wedding at Gannons Restaurant! Mahalo to our wedding professionals for their excellent five star customer service!

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Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Gannons Restaurant Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding is steeped in ritual and symbolism. It is a sacrament unlike other religions and has not been altered throughout the history of time. In the Orthodox Christian Church, marriage is one of the Holy Sacraments and is a gift from God. Rather than viewing marriage as a legal contract, Orthodox Christians understand that it is God that joins together two people in a beautiful relationship of mutual love. Vows in this case are seen unnecessary because it is God that joins the couple together, not the law. The bride and groom live the Orthodox Christian life together and understand that their relationship exists to bring them closer to God. Through this relationship that the couple fulfill their true purpose in life serving God. The beauty of Vlad and Cosmina’s wedding is felt thoughout their event through the celebration with family and friends who share in their love for each other.

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

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Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

Maui Greek Orthodox Wedding

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