Haiku Mill Wedding

Haiku Mill Wedding

Haiku Mill Wedding venue is calling all Maui bound wedding jet setters!  We invite you to a first class wedding at Haiku Mill. Enter under the Banyan Tree greeted with a refreshing beverage to get started. Be seated for tropical nuptials that will set your hearts aflutter. Dine with elegance by Set Maui. Dance your heart away with Shea Derrick and Full Flavor and Clarity Entertainment. Encircle the first dance and let the sparks fly.

The Haiku Mill venue is surrounded by rustic elegance. Our artsy and inspirational Maui wedding coordinators love the serenity and natural beauty of this place. Ting was beaming in her soft white flowing wedding dress. I’m a true believer that it was all the classic details that made this wedding celebration so memorable. We worked closely with the bride and groom in creating their wedding fantasy. Bao’s wishes were to make their Maui wedding special for Ting by granting her every wedding wish that she had. Ting’s wanted a look that could withstand the test of time. She wanted romantic and soft pinks, blues, lavenders, whites and green. Her whimsical floral inspiration with fine, yet rustic touches, and classic details.


Happily Ever After

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