Create Magic

Create Magic

Create magic by hiring a Maui wedding planner who has artistic skills.

Creative wedding design will turn an ordinary wedding into a spectacular event! Imagine poetry. Reach for beauty. Rock the ordinary. Anticipate sweetness. Turn fear into courage. Simple is grande. Grace is elegance.

The best weddings are the ones where people are bathed in a beautiful glow that makes everyone shine and sparkle throughout a magical night. Your Maui wedding coordinator will have a zest for making everything shine!

maui wedding coordinators
Dramatic hanging flowers and decor

Create magic
Magic created by special moments!

create magic
Unique textures, brilliant colors and excellent taste.

Hanging Terrarium Wedding Decor

Hanging Terrarium Wedding Decor

Check out some of these inspiring Terrarium Wedding Decor.

Hanging Terrarium Wedding Decor and Living Plants have become beautiful Wedding additions. Floral, candles and sand are just some of the many items to showcase. Hanging glass spheres can be used as candleholders, terrariums or decorations Hanging glass balls can also be used as tea light holders to create ambient lighting, or as hanging glass terrariums and bud vases for air plants, mosses, and tiny succulents. Get creative with what you love and make your Maui Wedding Day yours!

Hanging Terrarium Wedding DecorTerrarium Wedding DecorTerrarium Wedding Decor

Terrarium Wedding DecorTerrarium Wedding Decor

Planning your Maui Wedding? A Maui Wedding Day works hard to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience. Paying attention to every detail, we pride ourselves on capturing the essence of a couple in every corner of their wedding. Contact us today to plan your once in a lifetime event!

Maui Wedding Planner

Maui Wedding Planner

Maui Wedding Planner Creates Beautiful Gift Ideas

Let our Maui wedding planner take the stress out of your gift buying experience. She’ll combine some of our most popular gift items into these beautifully arranged gift bags in a range of prices to suit any budget.

Want to create a more customized gift? No problem, our creative Maui wedding planner is here to help you design a gift bag or basket using items you choose.

Here’s how it works: First, choose your vessel from our selection of containers below, then simply browse through our goodies and select the items you would like to add to complete your special gift. As a finishing touch you can add a gift message and any special instructions for our delivery driver.















Maui Wedding Inspirations

Maui Wedding Inspirations

Maui Wedding Inspirations

A highly experienced wedding coordinator will be able to create perfect Maui wedding inspirations for your boutique or grande affair. This creativity is one of the most valuable aspects of hiring a great coordinator or planner. Flow of the event and attention to detail are important, yet a beautifully designed wedding will set your event apart from all others. This creativity comes naturally to wedding planners who are able to set up innovative inspirations instantly.

How many waves can you say LOVE?
Maui wedding inspirations

Stay Calm and Cool
Maui wedding inspirations

Maui wedding inspirations

Vintage Art
Maui Wedding Inspirations
Vintage Tray
Maui wedding planners
Maui wedding inspirations
Star Fish
Maui wedding shells

Sand Ceremony
Maui sand ceremony

Live Aloha
maui wedding inspirations

Brooch Bridal Bouquets

Brooch Bridal Bouquets

Brooch bridal bouquets represent something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Destination brides are talking about a clever new idea for bridal bouquets. Borrow something from your grandmother, mother, and auntie, then put them together as uniquely designed and meaningful brooch bridal bouquet. It will add sparkle to your wedding dress and special emotions to your wedding day. Brooch bridal bouquets are timeless, each unique to your style. Your bouquet won’t wilt and may be prepared days prior to your wedding day. Your specially designed bouquet will be more valuable as time goes on!

WOW! Take a look at the gorgeous brooch bridal bouquets!  For our Maui brides, we vision our seashells as jewels, so imagine that!  A Maui Wedding Day will help design and create your brooch bridal bouquet!