Maui Persian Wedding

Maui Persian Wedding

Hi Sandra!

Hope you’re having a great summer! I’m sure you’re super busy planning and coordinating lots of gorgeous summer weddings. I’ve been on a month long break from school and have done some wedding related fun activities and wanted to give you an update on a few things and throw in some ideas to see what you think.

A few weeks ago, my mom, dad and brother all went to LA to go dress shopping! My parents will likely not be able to come back again until next summer when the wedding is and I wanted to make sure they were included in my wedding dress shopping so we kind of got a head start on it. We went to a bunch of different boutiques and I was able to find a dress that we all fell in love with and have ordered it to be made! It should be ready in the Spring and then will need some alterations and hopefully be finalized a month or two before our wedding. I’ve attached a picture of it to this email for you to see! It’s a beautiful drop waist gown made by Winnie Couture. My mom is also looking into finding her veil from her wedding so I can wear it on my day! Exciting stuff!

I also got together with my girlfriends and asked them to be my bridesmaids. I painted and put together boxes and filled them with goodies (color samples for their bridesmaids dresses, champagne, nail polish, etc.) I’ve also included a picture of one of the boxes for you to see! So I will have 4 bridesmaids and a maid of honor. Michael will have 4 groomsmen and a best man, so a total of 10 people.

When my family was here we also talked about how we’d like the wedding to incorporate both American and Persian traditions and customs so I now have a better idea of what the Persian customs and practices are. We can, of course, talk about this in more detail whenever you see fit, but I’ll give you a quick idea of what we discussed.

In Iran, our custom is to set up a table with certain items that need to be present at the ceremony (decorated eggs- kind of like Easter!), certain fruits, flowers, sweets, candle, mirror, etc. The bride and groom sit at this little table while the Persian officiant reads over a script and describes the items. We talked about this a little bit and wanted to see what you thought about the idea of my grandpa and Eve both playing the role of the officiant and having my grandpa focus on the Persian traditions of the ceremony and Eve focus on the spiritual and American traditions of the wedding ceremony. We would definitely want to make sure this is ok with Eve and find a way to make everything flow well, but this is just a rough idea that we have so far. As far as the rest of the wedding, everything else will stay the same with no changes. We are thinking with this set up and also having 10 people in the wedding party, we might have to look into doing the ceremony in the big open lawn as opposed to the open deck upstairs. Let me know what you think.

Lastly, I am working on making save the date cards! I have bought white hard plastic luggage tags and am decorating them with pearls, lace and ribbons and putting in an insert with our save the date card. That way our guests can use the actual luggage tag when they fly to Hawaii next summer!

Oh my gosh! This was a long email. I apologize. Just lots of different ideas running through my head the past few weeks and I wanted to share them with you!



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maui wedding coordinator

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