Maui Wedding Planner Elements

Maui Wedding Planner Elements

Maui Wedding Planner Elements: Rocks, stones,sea glass, sand, and crystal

Maui wedding planner elements are from our earth and feed our souls with magical energy. We bathe in them when we need a lift. They are a sacred part of us. They comfort us alway. We hold them tenderly in our hands. 
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Maui Wedding Arch

Maui Wedding Arch

Maui Wedding Arch made of Driftwood

A Creative Maui Wedding Arch made of driftwood and decorated with touches for bright florals is a beautiful setting for our wedding at Sugarman Estate, Makena, Maui.

Our couple from Australia wished for a unique and special wedding ceremony at Sugarman Estate, Maui. Our design team created a special design made of driftwood. Our florist strategically placed the colorful flowers on the arch creating a beautiful balance and innovative symmetry as this center of attraction for the wedding ceremony.

The weather and sunset magically blessed this wedding day for our very special couple!

Maui wedding arch

Best Maui Wedding Coordinators for a Stress Free Wedding

If you’re looking to get married on the island of Maui, look no further for a Maui wedding coordinator. Your search for perfection and the execution of the wedding of your dreams ends here.


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Maui is one of the most breathtaking islands in the world. An ethereal bamboo forest, spectacular beaches and churning waterfalls will instantly relax wedding jitters and leave your guests with memories to last a lifetime. The stunning pictures which you will have fixed on your wall for the rest of your life will look too good to be true.

Whether you’re living locally in Maui or across the globe, we here at A Maui Wedding Day can make your dream wedding a reality, by providing you with a Maui wedding coordinator to let you say “I do” in serenity.

Our Maui wedding coordinator knows Maui inside out and can help construct your vision added with lots of exciting ideas of their own. Having a Maui wedding coordinator will let you enjoy your wedding and soak in the love of your loved ones on your special day, without letting you worry even for a second about running the show. We will have the event fully coordinated with vendors and the venue and oversee all the details. All of our Maui wedding coordinator have extensive experience working with clients from near and far at all kinds of venues with different vendors.

A full service wedding coordination includes the following:

  • Innovative and creative event design
  • Customize your order based on your wedding vision
  • Budget analysis
  • Detailed estimates
  • Secure vendor contacts
  • Manage vendor payments
  • HIRE professional vendors
  • Unlimited email contact
  • Schedule vendor visits and attend vendor visits as needed
  • Provide liability insurance per required by the venue
  • Provide beach permit if applicable
  • Venue visits
  • Wedding day advise
  • Etiquette advise
  • Confirm vendor services and vendor payments per contract
  • Ensure venue rules are adhered to
  • Create and facilitate your wedding day
  • Fine tune wedding details
  • Ensure set up of wedding decorations
  • Prepare event site map
  • Meet and greet your wedding guests upon arrival
  • Create and manage a detailed wedding day timeline
  • Direct the flow of events based on timeline
  • Wedding rehearsal coordination
  • Assistance with travel, activities and accommodations upon request
  • On site wedding coordinator for entire wedding event including set up and break down
  • On site assistant Maui wedding coordinator based on guest count


Please call or email for a complimentary wedding consultation where we can help create a custom wedding package tailored to your personal needs by talking to a Maui wedding coordinator. We look forward to talking with you in person and learning more about your wedding.

Maui Same Sex Wedding

Maui Same Sex Wedding

Congratulations to David and Darren! A beautiful wedding celebrate in style at the Olowalu Plantation House with close friends and family! We enjoyed working with your priorities and style in creating such a meaningful and memorable day for you two! It was such an honor to celebrate your love for one another and help make your wedding day the most memorable and happy day of your life!

Plan Your Maui Wedding

Plan Your Maui Wedding

Plan Your Maui Wedding

Happy New Year! Let us help you plan your Maui Wedding! Did you get engaged over the Holidays? Did she say “Yes”? Our Wedding Planners are ready to answer your questions and begin planning your destination wedding on the island of Maui!

  • Here is a list of things to do to get started to plan your Maui wedding:
  • Estimate your guest count by sending out Save The Date cards
  • Choose a wedding venue or choose your accommodations. Both should be close to each other so that it will be convenient and easy for your guests to get to and from your wedding event.
  • Decide what is most important to you: Photography, food and bar, flowers, music or other.
  • Contact a wedding coordinator of your choice to ask questions to. Look at their website and photo galleries to determine who will be a great fit for your style

Plan Your Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Planner

Maui Wedding Planner

Maui is one of the world’s most popular destination wedding locations. Since most couples do not live on the island, they depend on a reliable Maui wedding coordinator to plan their wedding. There are many talented and professional wedding vendors on Maui who may service your wedding. Your wedding planner will be able to choose the best vendors for your wedding event and your vendors depend on the wedding planners to hire them for work.

Wedding planners come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  Choose one that you trust and are comfortable with.

maui wedding planners


maui wedding planners

The wedding planner’s job changes with each client that they work with. Your planner will be flexible and able to work with the dynamics of the unpredictable working environment. In the initial consultation between the wedding coordinator and couple or couple’s parent, the basis is determined as to what the client vision is and what to expect from the wedding planner. The main focus will be what the couple’s vision is.

maui wedding planner

Typically, the wedding planner is hired for either Full Service or Day Of Coordination, and it is important that the description of each service and contract is fully explained and understood by the client.

You may select your coordinator based on your specific needs. Is photography or videography important? Is creative and unique attention to the site design a top priority? Is excellent and smooth food and beverage and service important? What style of event will you have?

So in order to know exactly what the wedding coordinator is hired to do, you’ll need to know the difference between Full Service and Day Of.

Day Of Coordination involves taking care of all the logistical details of the wedding day according to the client’s plan and timeline. The planner will handle the unpredictable details of the wedding day.  Most brides have dreamed about their wedding day since they were little girls and many refuse to let anyone else plan the details of their wedding other than themselves!  That being said, the bride recognizes that their wedding day will be enjoyable and not stress about every detail going perfectly according to their choreographed wedding plan.  A Day Of Wedding Planner is hired to take care of the wedding preparations and event details of the wedding day.  Of course, being a savvy, flexible, and professional wedding coordinator, this service is offered to the lucky brides!

Full Service wedding coordination involves the duties of Day Of Coordination plus a lot more. The coordinator will manage the wedding budget, vendor selections, ensure all rules and regulation for the venue and Maui County ordinances are adhered to, ensure all vendors are informed with necessary details so that they may provide the most professional services, safety of the venue, the client, the guests, and the staffing. The wedding coordinator will be familiar with the client and venue contracts. Your planner will ensure that the event runs smoothly and the detailed set up is managed.

Pre-wedding:  Your Coordinator will contact each vendor to ensure that your have accurate contact information, understanding of contracts, schedule of set up and break down times, parking and venue rules, and clarification of the wedding day timeline.  Your coordinator will advise each vendor during the critical set up and the breakdown times.

Carefully read coordination and venue contracts.  Ask questions and ensure that you understand each line item and small print.  Ask the venue to place a courtesy hold on the wedding date while the client makes the important decision.  It will be important to  decide quickly and pay a deposit as soon as possible to secure the date, then send out “save the date” cards to the wedding guests.  Without a signed venue contract and deposit, the wedding date may be picked up by another client.  It happens!

Once the venue is secured with a deposit, key vendors will need to be secured.  The best wedding vendors book early.  The wedding coordinator will determine the best vendors based on the wedding budget and level of service of the client.

After the venue and vendors are booked and secured, the wedding planner will arrange vendor appointments to discuss wedding details for each vendor.  Each detail will be based on the client’s wishes and dreams.  The wedding planner is may offer creative expertise based on their knowledge, style and experience.

THE BEST MAUI WEDDING COORDINATORS ARE CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE.  Creative design takes additional thought and time, enhances photography, and leaves leaves a lasting impression of the wedding day!

To ensure a smooth flow of events, the wedding planner should follow a detailed timeline incorporating the photographer, DJ, caterer, music, videographer, as well as the client.  The wedding planner should ensure that everyone who is in the wedding party or will be escorted in the ceremony attends the rehearsal, if possible.  The rehearsal is a time to finalize finishing touches with the bride and groom, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Wedding Day:  On the wedding day, the wedding planner will arrive early enough to supervise all vendor set up and answer any questions that may arise.  There will always be questions. The site will be pre-set up so for each vendor so that everything flows in a timely manner to ensure an on time set up in preparation for photography prior to the start of the event.  All set up will be based on the scheduled vendor hire times.  Usually the flow goes smoothly if the planner is working with reliable and professional wedding vendors who are familiar with the Maui wedding business and the venue.  Planners will ensure that all vendors are informed in advance of each event such as the grand entrance, first dances, cake cutting, speeches, sunset, etc.  The wedding planner will be the liaison between the couple and the vendors on the wedding day.  This will enable the bride and groom to enjoy and focus on their wedding day with guests and family.  It’s the wedding planner’s privilege to ensure that the client’s wedding vision is implemented.

As the wedding ceremony approaches, the wedding coordinator and assistant will ensure everyone is in place according to the timeline, then queue the music and the processional flow as planned.  The wedding planner will be prepared to handle any last minute changes or emergencies that may come up.

Following the ceremony, the Maui wedding planner will ensure that guests are comfortable, tend to the couple to get started with more photography, beginning with the group shot.  This is one of the most critical and overlooked segments of the wedding, and if executed correctly it will ensure a smooth and timely start to the cocktail hour and dinner reception.  The wedding coordinator will have the ability and to know when to speed up or slow down the pace, and where to focus attention to throughout the event.  The coordinator is aware of venue rules and schedules and late fees, thus responsible for adhering to the timeline so that additional fees are  not incurred in the end.  Most venues require a security deposit which is refundable only if everything all rules are followed, the site is cleaned up very well at the end, and no damages are made.  A responsible coordinator will ensure that the damage deposit is returned to the client in the end.

All coordination services are provided while providing superb customer service to represent the bride and groom and ensure all guests are comfortable and happy.

At the end of the event, the wedding planners will ensure that everyone clears out in a safe and timely manner, making sure that personal property, wedding gifts, and items left behind are packed and ready to go.  Once everyone departs, the final wedding day coordination wraps up with ensuring vendors finish their duties per contract and rules and regulations.

With Full Service Wedding Coordination, the higher price tag comes with a higher level of service as this kind of wedding planning is a mammoth task to undertake.  The experienced Maui wedding coordinator can streamline the event and make the process seem effortless.

The primary duty of the wedding coordinator is to satisfy the concerns of the bride and groom.  These concerns may always change, and it’s okay as long as the planner is there to meet them.  Pressure and stress come with the territory and wedding planning is successful if it is done responsibly and diligently.

Which Maui wedding planner will you choose?  Enjoy your wedding planning!   808-280-0611