It’s All A Big Blur!

It’s All A Big Blur!

It’s all a Big Blur!

Creativity and Balance

So many details lead up to your special wedding day which is filled with joyous and happy moments! Remember your wedding day? Most likely, it’s all a big blur!  Hire a professional photographer and videographer to capture your special moments and wedding day details, expressions and actions of you and your guests, the loving moments, colors, sunsets, and every beaming moment.

maui wedding photography

Immediately following your ceremony, invite guests to enjoy a refreshing signature beverage or cocktail of their choice. Present their options at a beautiful displayed table and serviced by a friendly staff.  Be creative!

maui wedding design

Your ceremony is the heart of your wedding day where all of your guests gather together in an intimate setting, filled with love and special touches to admire while witnessing your marriage vows to each other.

maui wedding ceremony

Your bridal bouquet is the center of focus for your wedding design, colors, and theme. Meet with your designer to choose the bridal bouquet that you love the most. Your wedding planner can put together the rest of your wedding details based on your bouquet choice. Everything fall gracefully into place based on your bridal bouquet.

maui bridal bouquet

A few amazing details will make a huge impact on your wedding setting.  Your amazing photographer and videographer will capture each detailed design that your wedding coordinator sets up for pictures.  Your creative wedding planner will know exactly where to find these special details just for you!

maui wedding decor

Your wedding cake is one of the most viewed and photographed items at your wedding. It may be set up in an artistic display representing your taste and style. It not only looks pretty, but the flavor is to die for!

maui wedding cakes

Congratulation on your very special wedding day!  Your coordinator can introduce you to the best wedding pros on the island.  Yes, work with only the best!  Everything revolves around creativity and balance.  Love all your details!

maui wedding cakes

Colorful Weddings

Colorful Weddings

Today’s weddings are fun, colorful, non-traditional, unique, and individual.  How colorful are you?

A Maui Wedding Day – Maui Wedding Venues

Where Will You Say “I DO”?

Where is the the best location to celebrate? Dance your first dance at sunset? Walk down the aisle stepping on a thick layer of orchids petals? Take colorful pictures with beautiful ocean backdrops? Drink amazing Mai Tais? Toast under the stars? Feel like a goddess wearing a white dress made of lace, satin, or silk? Carry the most amazing bouquet of flowers that you could ever imagine holding? Say the most special words from the bottom of your heart to the one you love? Dance outdoors to your hearts content? Share your wedding dream with loved ones?

Pretty Maui Weddings

Pretty Maui Weddings

Lots of pretty things for your wedding

Create your unique and special wedding by adding decor that fits your style, whether it’s classical, colorful, simple, modern, country, victorian, white, shabby chic, dramatic, it’s your day to share with your best friends and family.


What’s your bridal style?


On your wedding day, you’d like to be described as:

__Cosmopolitan Bride

__Princess Bride

__Classic Bride

__Romatic Bride

__Casual Bride


Your wedding dinner would be:

__Outdoor Café in the French Countryside


__Open Air Patio

__Ocean View

__Golf Course View

__Dinner Cruise





__Private Estate

__Private Catering


As you walk down the aisle, you will be carrying:

__Pink, Pink, Pink


__Wild Flowers

__No Flowers

__Ivory Blooms with Ribbon, Lace and Pearls

__Classic White

__Tropical Bouquet

__Trendy Bouquet


Maui Wedding Coordinator

Maui Wedding Coordinator

At The Spirit of Aloha Gardens, Maui

Welcome! Vicky and Jia Fu got hitched September 21, 2013 on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii! Congratulations!

His Story
“Little Red Riding Hood”

I first saw Vicky in the lab at my workplace in October of 2010. She was part of an engineering team from HTC Taiwan working jointly with Qualcomm San Diego on the then-groundbreaking but now-antiquated Thunderbolt (Verizon’s first 4G smartphone). I thought she was cute in her white Converse canvas shoes, red hoodie and hair in a ponytail. But everything was strictly business at first.

Our teams worked closely over the next several weeks including conference calls, live debug sessions, and late day sync up meetings. Work was work, but I started to enjoy being alongside Vicky. She was smart, sassy and strong-willed. I looked forward to her daily text in the evening inviting me to share her team’s take-out dinner. Of course, if I showed up, I’d have to give a status update on all the critical issues; but I didn’t mind because it meant time to chat with Vicky later. And so we eventually starting messaging outside of work.

About two months into the project, Vicky’s project manager invited me to a team dinner as a token of their appreciation. It was originally set for a Saturday night but they had to reschedule at the last minute. Vicky sent a text to inform me that our plans were cancelled for the night and we were both free. I took it as a hint that she wanted me to ask her out. So I did, and for our first date, we had yakitori for dinner and dessert at a chocolate cafe in the Hillcrest area.

From that first date sprouted more dates and we eventually decided to pursue a long distance relationship. We bridged the physical divide with instant messages, Google video chats, birthday cards and special deliveries. We grew in our admiration and understanding of each other. She treasures her family, hates having wet shoes, and can roll down a grassy slope straighter and faster than a beach ball.

Finally, two years after our first date I set about to propose to Vicky. With our parents’ blessings, a ring and 99 long stem roses in my trunk, and a gorgeous Saturday afternoon on the horizon, I planned to pop the question at Sunset Cliffs, the same place where I had made a promise to her twenty months earlier. But it just so happened Vicky went out for lunch with her sister Irene that day and took a visit to the mall afterwards…despite Irene being in on the plot! Unfortunately, it was just about sunset when they returned home so the proposal was not yet to be.

The next day started out cold and drizzly, and the forecast didn’t bode any better. But with the flowers confined in my trunk and our vacation coming in three days, my window of opportunity shrunk down to that Sunday. I suggested going to the mall just to get everyone out of the house. On the way there, I threw out the idea of going to see the sunset. Vicky looked out the windshield at the grey sky and, with the wiper blades whooshing in the background, said I was crazy. I said something about it going to clear up and rainbows showing up, and quickly took the exit for Sunset Cliffs before she could object.

When we got there I drove around looking for a parking spot, but really I was waiting out the drizzle. The moment came and I quickly ushered everyone to their positions. After sitting down for a bit and staring at the cloudy horizon, I cued Irene to get the roses from my car. While we were alone, I started with my proposal speech. And as the roses I arrived, I got on one knee, revealed the ring and proposed to Vicky. After sufficient assurances that I would take care of her and keep her safe (and that the diamond was real) she said yes!

Her Story

A few weeks before my birthday in October 2010 I went on a business trip to San Diego. It was my first time abroad for work and I was excited about the upcoming experience. I don’t remember meeting anybody special but there was this one guy who showed up in our lab a few times and sat in the corner and minded his own business. It made me feel that Qualcomm didn’t welcome HTC in their building. During that time we had invited another Qualcomm engineer for dinner and he said we better invite his “boss” too. So I thought this boss person must be some big shot. And, what do you know, he turned out to be that guy who sat in the corner…and his name was Jia Fu.

One afternoon, Jia Fu and I we’re working in the same room when I was messaging my lead over MSN. Then he suddenly mentioned “bopomofo” (Chinese character input method). I felt a chill, as I realized I had been complaining about Qualcomm in front of him in Chinese to my coworkers. Did Jia Fu understand Chinese all this time? If it was true , a part of me was also mad that he had been pretending not to understand. I confronted him on the situation. His reply was to take out a piece of paper and write his name in Chinese. And that was how we exchanged our Chinese names.

Near the end of my trip, our project manager wanted to take our Qualcomm hosts out for dinner and It was my job to ask my counterparts. When I asked Jia Fu, he didn’t appear too excited. But it seemed like he felt obligated to attend so he accepted. The night of the dinner HTC had to postpone so I relayed the message to him: “You are free tonight”. But I was surprised he replied by asking me for dinner! That night, he picked me up in a lowered sports car but the radio was tune to a classical music station. Experiencing this side of him outside of work confused my whole perception of him. During the car ride, I didn’t know what to talk about and once out of the car, Jia Fu proceeded to walk very fast which I thought it was quite rude. I didn’t think there would be another date but we saw each other again many times.
When it was time for me to return to Taiwan, Jia Fu said he would keep in touch, and it turned out that he did. We actually spoke more then than while in San Diego. I felt that our conversations were like English class–I always kept two phones; one to chat and one to translate some English words. My head was hurting afterwards each time.

Early in 2012, I moved to San Diego for work and I enjoyed the new life and ample sunshine. It was then that I noticed Jia Fu had a certain youthful quality and a wild imagination. He also loves his family, likes children and is very patient. He’s responsible and volunteers his time for others. His interests are playing basketball, mowing the lawn, buying pillows, and researching kitchen and garden gadgets. When he mows the lawn, he wears a big hat, a couple layers of clothing, gloves and headphones for music. He looks like a technophile farmer working the land. And he has helped me practice for my belly dancing class, even teaching me how to shoulder shimmy.

One weekend Jia Fu suggested to go shopping. Before reaching the mall, he suddenly had a desire to see the sunset. But the sky was cloudy and there was a slight rain. His excuse was that the exit to the mall was too backed up and Sunset Cliffs as a better destination. When we sat down, he showed me a picture from one of our dates. He reminded me that we were also at Sunset Cliffs that night and at that time he had given me a ring. Well, today he had another one for me. And so with a diamond ring and 99 roses, proposed marriage. He promised to love me, take care of me, and treasure me. I said “Yes * “.

* contingent on a new proposal on a sunny day!

Maui Wedding Videography

Maui Wedding Videography


There is no substitute for professional wedding video.   A professional videographer will use state of the art equipment to shoot the video and post production processes that will make all the difference in the world.  Couples will be left with many years of enjoyment from their wedding day, including guest participation, candid and natural images that represent the emotions of the day.  When choosing a wedding videographer, price may not be the deciding factor, but quality and style will be of utmost importance.  Some companies offer multi-cam coverage.  This can cost more, but it will provide you a variety of shots and create the effect of telling more than one part or one view of your story at a time.  For example, as with two cameras rolling you can capture the ceremony as well as the groom’s first glance, the mother’s teary eyes of joy, and the father providing the formal offering of his bride-daughter.

We work with professional wedding videographers who can capture the essence of your wedding day so that you can re-live the special moments for years to come and share those true moments with your family.

Video by All Time Media, Maui, Hawaii