Vintage Weddings | A Maui Wedding day

Vintage Weddings | A Maui Wedding day

Maui wedding coordinators

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maui wedding coordinators

When you think vintage weddings, what comes to mind? Some may say old, rusted, out-of-date, and frilly. Then there’s us wedding geeks that see the lacy, chic, and array of white tonal decor. With vintage inspiration there’s an endless amount of amazing ideas for any style or size wedding.

After reading this article, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine it.

Ladies…It’s your big day and you walk into the bridal suite to see nothing more than the most beautiful long, simple, lacy, off-white gown hanging from the curtain rod. Your veil is subtly lined with lace and lies gently along your back as you practice your walk down the aisle. Just below your dress sit your little white stiletto heels and a lacy white garter.

Men… As you enter the groom’s suite, lining the wall are linen khaki suits with white button down shirts – sleeves rolled. Sitting on the ground just below are dark brown oxfords and bold statement long socks. To the left you notice a table full of flowers: boutonnieres made of tiny garden roses, baby’s breath, hydrangeas and subtle green foliage.

After getting ready you take a peek at the wedding cake; a cute and simple three tiered white cake decorated with all sorts of colorful flowers. Surrounding the cake are lace-wrapped cupcakes, displayed over a draped lace table cloth.
It’s finally time to walk down the aisle. All eyes on you as you make your way toward the wedding arch draped and covered in assorted lace cloth. You won’t believe your eyes, it’s just what you wanted!

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