Maui environmental weddings showcase the natural island essence of things you would find while walking along the beach.

We’ve found shells, pieces of driftwood, sea glass, sand, water, and kiawe wood. Natural elements become a beautiful extension of rolling waves, grassy wedding knolls, scenic mountains and valleys. Flowing runners of greenery and other inspirational elements are naturally created in Maui environmental weddings. Table place settings are enhanced by natural elements. Wedding arches are unique in style to match such an environmental scene. Color palettes are inspired by the natural tones of the seashore’s greens, grays, and hint of blue.  You may include these natural elements to formal settings in creating a lovely island wedding reception.maui environmental weddings
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How to Pack a Wedding Dress

How to Pack a Wedding Dress

Here are some simple and safe ways to travel with your wedding dress:

Our Maui wedding coordinator worked as a flight attendant for 25 years and has seen hundreds of wedding dresses on board flights to Hawaii and other wedding destinations. She is happy to share valuable advise about how to pack and travel with a wedding dress. Rest assured, your destination wedding dress may travel safely by air with ease.

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Large garment bags are too bulky to carry on and often times much larger than the airplane closets.  Airplane closets may be full of other jackets, suitcases, left over catering supplies, other carry ons that won’t fit into the overhead bins.

There may be extra cases of juice or water for the second beverage service, bags of peanuts for the return flight, and many other unknown items.

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If your large wedding dress bag is placed nicely in the closet at pre-boarding, by the end of the boarding process, there may be several pounds of heavy luggage sitting on top of it.

Chances are that the flight attendant may not be able to accommodate laying your dress across the length of a long overhead bin.

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When packing your wedding dress, make sure that your hands are washed and dry before handling it.  Squeeze the package a small and compact as possible. Once packed, place it inside a nice carry on bag with handles so that it is easy to carry.  Store your dress in an overhead bin in front of where you are seated. If possible board early to ensure that an overhead bin is available. Make sure your name and contact information is on your dress in case it is misplaced or lost.

Be sure to ask your Maui wedding planner in advance where to take your wedding attire for steaming upon your arrival. Please allow at least 24 hours for your wedding dress preparations and be aware that some services may be limited on weekends and holidays.

Have a happy, safe and enjoyable flight with your very special wedding dress!

Maui Wedding Package

Maui Wedding Package

Finding the perfect Maui wedding package for your wedding may be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you are not familiar with the island and what we have to offer. Many couples search endlessly to find the perfect wedding package. At A Maui Wedding Day, we customize a wedding package just for you! Our clients from destinations across the globe, travel to the island of Maui to tie the knot. Maui offers beauty, elegance, picturesque views, tropical ambiance and lovely settings for destination weddings. Our clients prefer to have a customized wedding instead of a packaged one. With custom weddings, you pay for just what you need rather than the whole package. Customizing doesn’t cost more, but requires more attention to planning and coordinating. The final Maui wedding package is created just for you!

The process is simple! Just answer the following questions and send them to your coordinator.

How many guests are you expecting?
How many are in your wedding party?
What is your estimated budget?
What is important to you?
What is not important to you?
Do you know where you will be staying on Maui?

Our goal is to provide you with an estimate within 24 hours. Since we offer flat rate wedding coordination fees based on your guest count, your estimate will provide you with a customized wedding package just for you!

Do you want more? Our creative and innovative Maui wedding planners are there to offer guidance and recommendations for your wedding enhancements! We work with professional wedding vendors and together, our professional team will coordinate your extraordinary day!

Once your wedding package is set to go, your wedding day is a grand celebration! It’s fun and never stuffy! Your Maui wedding coordinator will take care of the flow of events. Customer service on your wedding day is very important!

Maui Destination Weddings

Maui Destination Weddings

Maui destination weddings are in popular demand because the island itself is unique and special. Traditional weddings are not for everyone. Most likely, traditional weddings do not allow you to be as innovative and creative as you’d like. Here on Maui, we often cater to couples who are artist by heart or spirit.

The bride wears a stunning strapless gown, walks barefoot on the beach, hair and make up is simpler in style, jewelry is vintage, groom and groomsmen are dressed in linen with colorful touches in their bow ties, and guests arrive with flowers in their hair.

You may get started with calligraphy invitations written with free-flowing strokes in the lettering and written on organic paper stock.

It doesn’t get much better than dining near the ocean in the open air under a starry sky! The table settings are unique art work. The centerpiece is more than just a design of flowers that match the bridesmaid dresses. They may incorporate island vintage theme using sea glass and driftwood placed on top of a unique table linens, rather than the standard white linen. It may be all white with touches of earthy and natural island elements. Add elegant chandeliers to an outdoor wedding adds a sparkle to the twinkling sky.

Many couples are unique, but need the help of a creative Maui wedding coordinator to create their unique vision. These inspirations come natural to our team at A Maui Wedding Day. We create these unique dreams for each and every Maui wedding whether on the beach, at a grande estate, or at one of the many elegant beachfront resorts.
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Maui Wedding Coordinator

Maui Wedding Coordinator

With the variations of wedding styles today, the definition of “Maui Wedding Coordinator” is being re-written. At A Maui Wedding Day, it’s simple! We offer a flat rate wedding planning and coordination fee based on the guest count. With that fee, we provide a base wedding plan and our creative staff will customize the wedding based on the couple’s style. We’ll help to establish a budget that works for each couple based on their inspiration. What’s your wedding style?

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Traditional: Traditional couples are conservative and love sweet and romantic decorations. They will be dressed in a beautiful wedding dress and black tuxedo. They will have white square plates with a nice place card at each setting.

Shabby Chic: Shabby chic couples are down to earth, love to shop and are obsessed with white. It’s okay if the linens are not pressed. But, the quality of the linen is quite important.

Country: Country rustic couples love fun and laid back styles. We can take and old wooden box and turn it into a beautiful design or decoration. Put this together with a stunning wedding dress and cowboy boots!

Tropical: Vibrant colors look fabulous against the sunset. Imagine Pacific Rim cuisine served during your private luau show. Use of bamboo, shells and sea glass. Oceanfront venues provide the picturesque backdrop for your entire evening under the stars on a balmy night.

Vintage: Vintage weddings love quality lace, antiques, rustic, silver and pearls. They are romantic and old world. The jewelry they use is vintage, which will allow for an artsy look.

Green Weddings: Green couples are minimalists. They love to incorporate natural, organic elements into their big day. They may create their own wedding ceremony arch from local driftwood. The bride will have a unique hairstyle with a hake lei. They prefer romantic settings under a tree with farm dining tables and twinkle lights under a full moon.

Theme Weddings: Couple who are passionate about a particular theme, sport, movie, hobby, Disney character, etc, are eccentric and may choose to have non-traditional wedding attire. The bride will wear gold, turquoise or hot pink shoes. Their wedding will be fun and spirited.

Todays couples may combine more than one theme for their wedding day, such as Vintage and Green. This makes their wedding more unique and special to them. A Maui Wedding Day will cater to each couple’s specific theme and help create unique design and decorations, while keeping within their budget. Our staff is creative and innovative. That’s what we love! We partner with the most creative business minded groups who are excited about wedding design, yet understand budgets and cost. Feel at ease to re-define your wedding perception based on who you are and what you are passionate about!