It’s All A Big Blur!

It’s All A Big Blur!

It’s all a Big Blur!

Creativity and Balance

So many details lead up to your special wedding day which is filled with joyous and happy moments! Remember your wedding day? Most likely, it’s all a big blur!  Hire a professional photographer and videographer to capture your special moments and wedding day details, expressions and actions of you and your guests, the loving moments, colors, sunsets, and every beaming moment.

maui wedding photography

Immediately following your ceremony, invite guests to enjoy a refreshing signature beverage or cocktail of their choice. Present their options at a beautiful displayed table and serviced by a friendly staff.  Be creative!

maui wedding design

Your ceremony is the heart of your wedding day where all of your guests gather together in an intimate setting, filled with love and special touches to admire while witnessing your marriage vows to each other.

maui wedding ceremony

Your bridal bouquet is the center of focus for your wedding design, colors, and theme. Meet with your designer to choose the bridal bouquet that you love the most. Your wedding planner can put together the rest of your wedding details based on your bouquet choice. Everything fall gracefully into place based on your bridal bouquet.

maui bridal bouquet

A few amazing details will make a huge impact on your wedding setting.  Your amazing photographer and videographer will capture each detailed design that your wedding coordinator sets up for pictures.  Your creative wedding planner will know exactly where to find these special details just for you!

maui wedding decor

Your wedding cake is one of the most viewed and photographed items at your wedding. It may be set up in an artistic display representing your taste and style. It not only looks pretty, but the flavor is to die for!

maui wedding cakes

Congratulation on your very special wedding day!  Your coordinator can introduce you to the best wedding pros on the island.  Yes, work with only the best!  Everything revolves around creativity and balance.  Love all your details!

maui wedding cakes

What To Wear to A Hawaii Destination Wedding

What To Wear to A Hawaii Destination Wedding

What To Wear To A Hawaii Destination Wedding

Maui Destination Weddings

Hawaii Stores are blooming with chic flowering, colorful, soft materials and cotton print dresses, bikinis, board shorts, and aloha shirts. The beautiful colors are inspired by the sun and tropical flowers. While the rest of the world is busy with their work schedules and activities, we are here on Maui swimming, surfing, and basking in the sunshine. The simple and relaxing lifestyle is reflected in our clothing.

Maui Wedding Videography

Maui Wedding Videography


There is no substitute for professional wedding video.   A professional videographer will use state of the art equipment to shoot the video and post production processes that will make all the difference in the world.  Couples will be left with many years of enjoyment from their wedding day, including guest participation, candid and natural images that represent the emotions of the day.  When choosing a wedding videographer, price may not be the deciding factor, but quality and style will be of utmost importance.  Some companies offer multi-cam coverage.  This can cost more, but it will provide you a variety of shots and create the effect of telling more than one part or one view of your story at a time.  For example, as with two cameras rolling you can capture the ceremony as well as the groom’s first glance, the mother’s teary eyes of joy, and the father providing the formal offering of his bride-daughter.

We work with professional wedding videographers who can capture the essence of your wedding day so that you can re-live the special moments for years to come and share those true moments with your family.

Video by All Time Media, Maui, Hawaii

Maui Wedding Photography

Maui Wedding Photography


Maui Wedding Photography

While wedding expenses increase, the last vendor that you will want to cut back on is the photographer. Your best friend’s husband will most likely not provide the the end product that you wished for.

1. Professional wedding photographers are able to handle all types of lighting, subject movement, capture the special moments and expressions, create a comfortable relationship, capture creative and innovative shots.

2. Local Maui wedding photographers are familiar with the weather, humidity, surf, clouds, wedding sites, locations for shooting, best beaches, back up plans, secret locations, ocean, mountains, weather, and all of the nature that surrounds your photography. All of this is a great advantage in capturing the more creative and innovative photos that destination couple come to Maui to be married for. Many professional photographers can utilize the natural island beauty that is seen in the thousands of island wedding photography, but there is even more hidden island beauty to be uncovered by those who really know the island well.

3. Book early. The best photographers are reserved well in advance.

4. Two photographers are better than one. While both can capture the family and friends, romantic shots, group shot, wedding decor, speeches, first dance, etc, there will always be another camera to capture amazing and spontaneous pictures that happen at every event.

5. “You get what you pay for” certainly applies with wedding photography, so think of hiring a professional photographer as a once in a lifetime opportunity rather than an extravagance.

Bridal Spa Day – A Maui Wedding Day’s #1 recommendation

Bridal Spa Day – A Maui Wedding Day’s #1 recommendation

America's Top Luxury Destination Spa

America’s Top Luxury Destination Spa


Now that your wedding day is in the good hands of you wedding coordinator, imagine yourself in the spa of your dreams – where you take time to refresh and enjoy a healing journey designed just for you – in preparation for one of the most important days of your life. Imagine being surrounded by the breathtaking West Maui Mountains and the sparkling turquoise waters of the Kapalua Bay – soothed by beauty and the graciousness of Hawaiian hospitality. You have entered the ambiance of one of the best spas in the world.

Customized treatments have been developed using indigenous ingredients grown in the West Maui Mountains and have been carefully created to include the rich healing offerings from the Pacific Ocean. The hydrotherapy offers salt water in the ocean view infinity pool, refreshing bamboo rain falls, the sea salt eucalyptus steam rooms and cascading waterfall hot tubs. Here, the only spa of the islands that customizes massage treatments to exactly what your need. Facial therapies, exfoliations and cocoons and enhancing mini-treatments are designed to enhance your services. Professionally trained wellness and fitness service with state of the art fitness equipment and instruction are available on individual or group sessions.

Kapalua Spa provides the perfect corner of paradise for a tender and unforgettable Spa journey for the most romantic couple’s experience in the Hawaiian Islands. Come visit our private ocean view hales (outdoor huts). The Maui Romance package includes a refreshing and healthy lunch at the pool.

All of our brides and grooms will be pleased with the luxurious beauty salon that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and offers the most advanced in salon services. The team of stylists is trained under the watchful eye of celebrity stylist Billy Yamaguchi, master creator of the Feng Shui Beauty concept.

Your destination wedding will be complete with the Kapalua Spa services. You will enjoy the true sense of connection and belonging that stays with you long after your visit, through wellness, beauty and relaxation.

Contact your wedding coordinator at A Maui Wedding Day to book your ultimate wedding day experience. 808-280-0611 or

Kapalua Spa
2012 Winner of the Best Luxury Destination Spa in the USA

Answers to Seven Hawaii Wedding Flower Questions

Answers to Seven Hawaii Wedding Flower Questions

Those colorful and thirsty little things called flowers can create so many options, it’s hard to choose what will work out the best for your Maui wedding and reception. Whatever you choose, it’s impossible for wedding flowers to look bad. Considerations when choosing wedding flowers:

Who gets corsages or boutonnières? Other than hair flowers for the girls in the wedding party, there are two groups that will need to be accessorized. They are the ones who will be standing in your ceremony and/or part of your wedding procession: The groomsmen, ring bearer, readers, ushers, parents, grandparents, siblings, and other special guests or relatives. The corsages and boutonnieres will identify these special guests to others. Since Hawaii is warm, wedding attire tends to be of light weight material for both the men and women. Therefore, the mothers and grandmothers may prefer a wrist corsage rather than a pin-on corsage, so that it doesn’t tug on their dress material or where would you pin a corsage on a strapless or spaghetti strap dress? The same applies to the men. If they are wearing an Aloha shirt, just skip the boutonnières. Thanks to the Aloha spirit, we have special leis for them to wear boutonnières and corsages do not necessarily need to match the bridal bouquet exactly.

How do I choose the right centerpiece vases? A row of identical vases lined up on a long table or a group of vases in various shapes and sizes in the middle of round or square tables. Vases will be based on the flowers used in centerpieces. Long stems for taller vases, short square vases for short stems with larger heads. Be aware the trade winds arrive often in Maui, some areas more than others, affecting the height of the vases chosen. Colored candles can add the same affect as flowers in decorating your tabletops and add to your Maui wedding day romantic ambiance.

When is the best time to have flowers delivered? At the latest possible moment, especially if it is to be set up outdoors in direct sunlight. Florists have refrigerated transportation, so the blooms can arrive fresh. Flower professionals who have experience arranging and setting up wedding flowers can judge the amount of time that it will take to do the job and make it look beautiful. They are quick and efficient, insuring your Maui wedding will look fresh and stunning!

Are there options besides carrying a bouquet? Yes. Consider carrying a prayer book, perhaps one that has been passed down to your by your great grandmother for such an occasion. A pomander is a flower globe suspended from a ribbon that slips over the wrist. How about a bunch of fragrant herbs and lavender? Have your flower girl toss lavender buds ahead of your entry down the aisle so your guests can enjoy the scent. Toss tuberose, the most fragrant of all Hawaii flowers. Other options include parasols, folding fans or leis for the parents and grandparents.

How can I re purpose the wedding flowers? If the thought of the lovely and expensive flowers being crushed into a trash bin after the wedding event makes you cringe, donate them to hospice, a nursing home, your child’s school teachers. Check out for more information.

Must I toss my bridal bouquet? No. Bouquet tossing, an age old tradition that says that the catcher of the bouquet will be the next to marry, is becoming less and less common. Your friends may feel silly lining up in front of the couples and wedding guests. Like many other wedding traditions, this is one that may be broken. Instead, present your bouquet to your best friend, who stood by your side during the entire wedding planning process, helping make some of the many decisions.

How can we cut costs when making our flower choices for the wedding and reception? If you hang small arrangements off the aisle chairs, you can reuse them at the reception by placing them on the hi boys, bar or buffet tables. The same goes for the floral topiaries that you may choose to have set up at your altar. You may ask your caterers or food servers to help move the arrangements. Have your florist leave enough vases for the the bridesmaid bouquets to keep them fresh in water during the night and display them as additional flower arrangements throughout your wedding reception site. Then, at the end of the night, they can take them home. One of the most valuable benefits of having your wedding at a beautiful ocean view or oceanfront wedding site, is that along with the beautiful views, just a touch of color provided by the wedding flowers will be just enough to enhance your wedding photography and table design. With that being said, vases with river rock and some colorful floating orchids will be elegant, clean, crystal clear and so picturesque. Keep it simple, then focus on great food and grand music. Your wedding coordinator will provide you with the best vendors for your event. Remember, your wedding is in paradise, so let nature play it’s part.

Ask questions about Maui wedding flower or Hawaii weddings below. Comments are welcome.