Answers to Seven Hawaii Wedding Flower Questions

Answers to Seven Hawaii Wedding Flower Questions

Those colorful and thirsty little things called flowers can create so many options, it’s hard to choose what will work out the best for your Maui wedding and reception. Whatever you choose, it’s impossible for wedding flowers to look bad. Considerations when choosing wedding flowers:

Who gets corsages or boutonnières? Other than hair flowers for the girls in the wedding party, there are two groups that will need to be accessorized. They are the ones who will be standing in your ceremony and/or part of your wedding procession: The groomsmen, ring bearer, readers, ushers, parents, grandparents, siblings, and other special guests or relatives. The corsages and boutonnieres will identify these special guests to others. Since Hawaii is warm, wedding attire tends to be of light weight material for both the men and women. Therefore, the mothers and grandmothers may prefer a wrist corsage rather than a pin-on corsage, so that it doesn’t tug on their dress material or where would you pin a corsage on a strapless or spaghetti strap dress? The same applies to the men. If they are wearing an Aloha shirt, just skip the boutonnières. Thanks to the Aloha spirit, we have special leis for them to wear boutonnières and corsages do not necessarily need to match the bridal bouquet exactly.

How do I choose the right centerpiece vases? A row of identical vases lined up on a long table or a group of vases in various shapes and sizes in the middle of round or square tables. Vases will be based on the flowers used in centerpieces. Long stems for taller vases, short square vases for short stems with larger heads. Be aware the trade winds arrive often in Maui, some areas more than others, affecting the height of the vases chosen. Colored candles can add the same affect as flowers in decorating your tabletops and add to your Maui wedding day romantic ambiance.

When is the best time to have flowers delivered? At the latest possible moment, especially if it is to be set up outdoors in direct sunlight. Florists have refrigerated transportation, so the blooms can arrive fresh. Flower professionals who have experience arranging and setting up wedding flowers can judge the amount of time that it will take to do the job and make it look beautiful. They are quick and efficient, insuring your Maui wedding will look fresh and stunning!

Are there options besides carrying a bouquet? Yes. Consider carrying a prayer book, perhaps one that has been passed down to your by your great grandmother for such an occasion. A pomander is a flower globe suspended from a ribbon that slips over the wrist. How about a bunch of fragrant herbs and lavender? Have your flower girl toss lavender buds ahead of your entry down the aisle so your guests can enjoy the scent. Toss tuberose, the most fragrant of all Hawaii flowers. Other options include parasols, folding fans or leis for the parents and grandparents.

How can I re purpose the wedding flowers? If the thought of the lovely and expensive flowers being crushed into a trash bin after the wedding event makes you cringe, donate them to hospice, a nursing home, your child’s school teachers. Check out for more information.

Must I toss my bridal bouquet? No. Bouquet tossing, an age old tradition that says that the catcher of the bouquet will be the next to marry, is becoming less and less common. Your friends may feel silly lining up in front of the couples and wedding guests. Like many other wedding traditions, this is one that may be broken. Instead, present your bouquet to your best friend, who stood by your side during the entire wedding planning process, helping make some of the many decisions.

How can we cut costs when making our flower choices for the wedding and reception? If you hang small arrangements off the aisle chairs, you can reuse them at the reception by placing them on the hi boys, bar or buffet tables. The same goes for the floral topiaries that you may choose to have set up at your altar. You may ask your caterers or food servers to help move the arrangements. Have your florist leave enough vases for the the bridesmaid bouquets to keep them fresh in water during the night and display them as additional flower arrangements throughout your wedding reception site. Then, at the end of the night, they can take them home. One of the most valuable benefits of having your wedding at a beautiful ocean view or oceanfront wedding site, is that along with the beautiful views, just a touch of color provided by the wedding flowers will be just enough to enhance your wedding photography and table design. With that being said, vases with river rock and some colorful floating orchids will be elegant, clean, crystal clear and so picturesque. Keep it simple, then focus on great food and grand music. Your wedding coordinator will provide you with the best vendors for your event. Remember, your wedding is in paradise, so let nature play it’s part.

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Seven Wedding Ceremony Questions for Maui Wedding Planning

The promises you make to each other is the heart of your wedding ceremony and the most important part of your special day. Your wedding vows may be the most meaningful words you will ever say to each other. There is no right or wrong way to go about them.

When does music take part in the wedding ceremony? The prelude signals to guests that it’s time to assemble and be seated. The processional is played when the bridal party walks down the aisle. Play a steady, simple beat like Pachelbel’s Canon in D. The recessional starts when your are married! That should be jubilant feeling while the guests stand up from their seats and leave the ceremony.

Is a wedding program required? No. You may skip this tradition. If you decide to hand out programs, try to keep the same theme as your wedding invitations. Your wedding program should include the date, time, venue, your full names, the wedding party’s full names, and the officiant/minister. It is appropriate to thank your guests for attending, especially since most of them traveled by air to arrive at this remote island paradise. Keep it simple. You want your guests to view the ceremony while not fumbling through wedding program pages. Additional ideas may include your vows, songs, honor deceased or those who were not able to attend. You may wish to add your new address at the end of your program.

What is the order of the processional? It’s up to you! Traditional Order: Grandparents, Mother of the Groom, Mother of the Bride, Groomsmen (if not at the altar with the groom), Maid/Matron of Honor, Ring Bearer, Flower Girl, Bride and her Escort (father, both parents, friend or relative).

How should you handle cultural or religious differences? At the beginning of your wedding planning process, discuss this with your family members so concerns can be expressed. Bring elements from both beliefs. In the end, it may be a difficult decision, but decide what you both want, with the consideration of your family members, and hope that they will be happy for what you decide.

How do you obtain your Hawaii marriage license? In the state of Hawaii, you are required to bring your photo ID’s, just as you presented to the TSA at the airport security. There is an additional marriage licensing fee of $65. which will be paid directly to your licensing agent. They prefer to be paid in cash. Once your wedding ceremony is over, your wedding fficiant has 10 days of which to mail in your signed marriage certificate to the State of Hawaii. The processing time will be approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Your marriage licensing agent will provide you with a green expediting form to fill out if you would like to receive your marriage license sooner, by a week or two. Please mail your expedited form as soon after your wedding as possible. Your licensing appointment will take approximately 1/2 hr. There are several marriage licensing agents throughout the island of Maui. You should not have to drive too far to your appointment, unless your appointment is on a weekend. Some agents work on weekends or they will provide weekend services with advance notice from you.

How can we recognize special guests or loved ones in the wedding ceremony? Our Maui Wedding ceremonies honor special guests with a lei greeting. Your officiant will direct this special moment. Your Best Man may hold the special leis draped over his arm during the wedding ceremony, then hand them to the officiant when asked to do so. You may also honor the deceased with a lei tossed at sea. We will use a biodegradable lei string for this occasion so that we can protect our sea life. Other ways to honor the deceased is to light a candle, display a photo on a table near the altar, or place a lei on the unoccupied seat in the front row that would have been designated for the deceased guest. Ask the officiant for a moment of silence early in the ceremony as he/she mentions “those who are not here with us…”

Where do the guests take their seats? Traditionally the bride’s side is on one side and groom’s family sits on the other side of the aisle. You may choose to seat the immediate family on their perspective sides. The other guest may be seated where ever they are comfortable. The bride’s side usually sits on the left side, facing the altar.

How long should the ceremony last? Although there is no magic number, your wedding ceremony should last about 20 to 30 minutes.

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Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and happiest days of your life. Ask brides who have hired a professional wedding coordinator for their wedding, and they will tell you that it was worth every cent. A common misconception about hiring a wedding coordinator is that it is a luxury, but this is not usually the case. Having a professional, caring, detail oriented, and knowledgeable coordinator is key to a fabulous and successful wedding day. A professional wedding coordinator can add value to your special event.

Why hire a wedding coordinator?

Vendor recommendations. A wedding planner has years of experience in working with wedding vendors, has established professional relationships with various vendors. Most vendors can work with your wedding budget and your wedding planner will be able to match the right vendor to meet your wedding style, budget and the couple’s personality.

Wedding design. Your wedding coordinator has helped to create and design hundreds of weddings. Wedding design is second to nature for most coordinators. Many brides and grooms are creative, but putting together creative ideas in an organized, cohesive, cost-effective, and timely manner may be affected by the wedding site, lighting, weather, or other outside elements. A wedding planner has the experience to put together creative elements that are beautiful and stunning.

Timeline. Although there are many sample time lines available on the Internet, a professional wedding planner can customize a timeline for each unique wedding. There is not a single timeline template that will work for every wedding. A wedding coordinator will be on site to make sure that your timeline is followed and allowing for last minute adjustments to the timeline, so that the wedding day runs smoothly.

Wedding Day. Your calm wedding coordinator has handled many wedding glitches in a smooth and professional manner. Most of all, the professional vendors that the wedding coordinator hired have the same experience and knowledge in providing excellent services for each wedding event.

In choosing a wedding coordinator, schedule a consultation and compare experience, design ability, personality. After speaking to a few coordinators, you will know which one will be the best fit for your special wedding event.

When to Hire A Maui Day Of Wedding Coordinator

How do couples know when to hire a Maui day of wedding coordinator? So many brides and grooms have amazing and creative ideas for their special wedding day. They want to personalize their wedding dream and participate in the planning process, then hire a Day Of Wedding Coordinator to manage their special event on the wedding day. Good news? Millions of couples pull off this feat each year, so having your dream day is indeed a realistic aim. Having a Day Of Coordinator will be there to manage your time frame and details, so like confetti, will help everything fall into place.

In most cases, hiring a Maui Day-Of Wedding Coordinator, can save you money and time. Maui Wedding Coordinators work with wedding vendors and know what they are capable of handling. Coordinators have worked at most of the wedding venues on the island and they are very familiar with the layouts, rules and regulations, and all of the ins and outs of each wedding site. Maui Wedding Coordinators are familiar with the availability of flowers, food and beverage options, where the best rental equipment can be found, hair salons, and various styles of music.

Seems like brides and grooms can log onto the internet and find an abundance of information regarding Maui Wedding Planning, Maui Wedding Venues, or anything pertaining to Maui Weddings. You can spend hours researching and making calls to ask questions. How do you put the information together in the most economical and productive manner? As you wade through a sea of bridal magazines, you can feel overwhelmed. Maui Wedding Coordinators do this every day and can organize successful wedding plans efficiently and economically.

Once you find your wedding site and choose your vendors, do you feel comfortable with what you have? Is your wedding timeline logical, and do you have a workable back up plan? Are there any shortcuts that you don’t know about? Hiring a competent Maui Wedding Coordinator will eliminate the guessing and your coordinator has handled may wedding situation, therefore, able to remain calm and solve every situation as needed.

Maui Wedding Coordinators have all of the information readily available at their fingertips or on their iPhones, iPads or memorized. They can put together the details and should be creative enough to add character and excitement to your wedding day. They are so efficient at planning weddings, know all of the shortcuts, and especially the best deals and rates available. They know how to combine vendor skills and wedding orders to make your event efficient and economical.

In the end, hiring a Maui Wedding Planner will save you money and elliminate help you to remain calm. Their knowledge and experience will help you to put together wedding plan It’s your special day, so sit back and watch your wedding dream become your wedding reality. Your coordinator will handle all aspects of your wedding ceremony and reception on your very special day.

Designer Wedding Dress, Maui Style!

Maggie Coulombe Maui Wedding Dress Designer to the Stars
Exotic, Sexy, Sensual describes the vision at Maggie Coulombe Wedding Dress Maui. Inspired by the natural beauty of women and its shore has led to a collection that accents the essence of women all around the globe. Surfers, carefree starlets, and jet setters immersed in the gypset culture can find a mixture of unique pieces that can change from day to night to accompany their adventurous lifestyles.

Free sizing of luxurious hand painted Balinese silk, charmeuse, and jersey pareos and bustle dresses drape gracefully over any silhouette. Wear them to your stylish and fashionable beach wedding. Maggie’s custom made and designed wedding dresses are for stunning contemporary brides with and eye for fashion design and carefree style!

Enrich yourself in the global references and modern culture of Maggie Coulombe. You will find Andy Warhol bags from Rootote out of Japan and the luxurious footwear from United Nude out of the UK. Experience being styled by Shannon at Maggie Coulombe Maui; Maui‘s wedding dress designer to the stars!

Maggie Coloumbe has just opened her 2nd Maui boutique at the Whaler’s Village, Kaanapali, Maui in July, 2011. Her wedding dresses look and feel luxurious. She can take your measurements and create your fashionable and elegant wedding dress for you in a flash! Call for your appointment and come visit Maggie in her store for your wedding dress fitting.


Maggie Coloumbe Studio

505 Front Street

Lahaina, Hawaii 96761


Whaler’s Village

2435 Kaanapali Parkway

Lahaina, Hawaii 96761


$850. up

Story of a Maui Wedding Day Of Coordinator

Story of a Maui Wedding Day Of Coordinator

We have a story of a Maui wedding day of coordinator. Some creative and organized brides love to plan their own weddings and do a great job! They have many unique and special ideas such as a photo-booth, s’mores at the fire pit, creative wedding music with their wedding processional choreographed by a good friend of the bride’s, cookies and milk at the end of the evening, and hand-picked flower vases for each table centerpiece. They want to see the options of special linens and choose the exact colors for their tables. They have read dozens of wedding magazines, so they are up to date on what’s new and exciting. They know what they want!

After having dedicated many hours of wedding planning, emails, and phone calls, it’s time for the bride to hand over her notes to the Day of Coordinator for her big day, just around the corner. All last minute calls will be directed to the wedding coordinator on the wedding day. The wedding coordinator will be responsible for putting all of the special details and elements in place in preparation of the wedding day.

The wedding day arrives. The bride awakes to have brunch with her mother and Maid of Honor, before having a relaxing massage. The make up artist and hair dresser arrive to pamper the bride, as she snacks on healthy food and sips her champagne. She is joined by her bridal party as they chat, laugh and cry.

The groom and his father enjoy their day and may help to deliver the 5 cases of champagne to the wedding site. In the final hour before the wedding ceremony begins, the groom with take a refreshing shower and slip into his wedding attire. The excitement begins to stir.

On May 1, 2011, Courtney and Justin, enjoyed every minute of their dream wedding day. Their wedding coordinator handled the entire set up and attended to every detail with regards to the wedding day timeline. There were numerous challenges, but nothing that an experienced and professional wedding coordinator could not handle calmly and gracefully. There was no stress and the wedding event was beautiful and elegant, yet comfortable and so much fun! It was a perfect match (the couple and the coordinator) and really felt like a dream wedding day!