Lace, pearls, champagne, love… Elegant Maui wedding from Canada to Maui!

Photography by Milton Photography, Canada

Whether you got married in the 20′ or tying the knot in the 2020’s, lace and pearls are timeless elements on their own, but put them together and you have the true embodiment of love, vintage, elegance which can be combined with nature on the beaches of Hawaii.

Lace and pearls work well with vintage-inspired colour schemes that are made up of colours like dusty pink, cream, ivory, antique blue and peach, and even lime green, and simple vintage elements like brooches, flowery high heels, and antique floral vases. Here are some examples of how create a pearl-meets-lace soiree:

  • Tablescapes:  Wrap your napkins with a string of pearls and place them on top of each plate with glass charger with shiny silver or gold pearl beading on the edges.  Shop for unique and elegant lace table overlays for the cake table.
  • Flowers: Choose soft vintage-style flowers like roses, hydrengia’s, tuberose and peonies. Wrap a piece of lace around the bridal bouquet stems and then secure the lace with a pearl pin. Also be sure to wrap the table centerpiece vases and candles with a combination of strings of pearls and lace.
  • Beautiful bride: There’s nothing quite as elegant as a lacy wedding dress worn with dainty pearl earrings or a string of pearls necklace. Your Hawaiian wedding ceremony may be incorporated with a white orchid bridal lei strung with pearls.  Your groom’s maile lei (green leaf lei) may be wrapped with a string of white pearls to match.  You can also adorn your hair with pearl hair clips to go with lacy high heels.
  • Wedding cake: Decorate the wedding cake with edible pearls or lace-inspired ribbon around  cupcakes.  Use your favorite lace and tie the ribbons around the champagne glass stems and the cake knife.
  • Enhancements: Use lace and pearls on a grand scale! Drape strings of pearls from the chandeliers, hang lace swagging from beam to beam and overflowing on each side.
  • Finishing touches:  Complete your lace and pearl theme with a splash of colored silk ribbon and shiny silver or gold touches or ornaments.  Add some shiny crystals to the pearls so that they shine and look elegant.
  • Tables and chairs:  How about silver or gold chivari chairs with rustic wood tables?  A vintage antique desk for the guestbook table