Frequently Asked Questions

Some Commonly Asked Questions for Maui Destination Weddings:

What can AMWD do for me?

Almost everything! A Maui Wedding Day specializes in full-service boutique wedding planning and coordination. We work with a team of reliable creative and innovative professionals who will ensure that each and every wedding detail is taken care of. With full-service wedding coordination, we will customize a detailed plan to suit your wedding dream. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or a blowout bash, our professional and creative staff will help with all aspects of wedding planning and coordination for your stylish wedding day!

Why do you limit the vendors?

A Maui Wedding Day works with only skilled and professional vendors who have been carefully selected over the years. All services and payments will be contracted on your behalf through AMWD. The client may request the use of vendors, however, they must be approved and contracted by AMWD. This will ensure the quality of goods and services, and clean lines of responsibility and communication, in order to maintain the quality and success of the event.

Do certain vendors have to be insured?

Some venues require all vendors be insured but generally, caterers and bar service providers must be insured. AMWD reserves the right to reject any non-approved catering company or vendor.

Can we get married on any beach we want?

You may get married on any beach for which the County of Maui allows permitting. The maximum guest count for a beach wedding is 30. Wedding arches, chairs, and structures are prohibited on Maui beaches.

What is GET?

The GET (General Excise Tax) is a privilege tax imposed on business activity in the State of Hawaii, collected on behalf of the State of Hawaii from a customer by a service provider or vendor. The tax is imposed on the gross income received by the person engaging in the business activity and is currently charged at 4.166%. Wholesalers pay a lesser rate which is also passed on to the client and is currently charged at .5%. Activities subject to the tax include wholesaling, retailing, farming, services, construction contracting, rental of personal or real property, business interest income, and royalties. More information is available on the State of Hawaii’s website.

What time can we start and when do we have to end?

The Maui County Noise Curfew for all outdoor events is 10:00 pm without exception. AMWD adheres to Maui County’s strict noise curfew and regulation regarding noise, amplified music, and sound. Any occurrence of violent, abusive, belligerent behavior, illegal activity, inappropriate conduct, fighting, arguing, yelling, presence/use or possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia will result in an immediate end to the event. To help enforce this, the coordinator reserves the right to discontinue serving alcohol to any or all clients, guests or event attendees at their discretion.

Do Caterers need special licenses?
Caterers must have State Health Certificate and abide by state health laws to use the private venue. A copy of that license must be submitted to AMWD prior to the event. Caterers are fully responsible for the clean-up of the kitchen and outdoor areas where food will be served. If interior or exterior spaces require additional clean up, it will be back charged to the client. Caterers commonly do and should contact the coordinator prior to the event to familiarize themselves with kitchen, appliances, set-up.

What about the service of alcohol at our event?

All bartending services are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance. AII alcohol shall be purchased by the Coordinator’s client from an outside licensed retailer. Alcohol shall be served by “an Employee approved by the Director” with a registration certificate from the Department of Liquor Control, County of Maui. Alcohol shall not be served to minors under the age of 21. Alcohol shall not be taken off of the approved venue or onto state beaches or in County Parks. AMWD requires the client to indemnify and hold harmless AMWD from any loss, damages or suits arising out of the use or service of alcohol.

If we want to hire transportation services for ourselves or our guests, can AMWD help?
Yes, AMWD will absolutely help coordinate bus, limousine or other transportation services. Most transportation vendors abide by the same types of rules which include:
1. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed by anyone less than 21 years of age.
2. No weapons of any kind will be permitted in the vehicle.
3. Clients will be held financially liable of ANY AND ALL DAMAGES caused to the vehicle by vandalism, negligence, and drunkenness. Fees usually include $200 fee for any vomit; $20 per broken or missing glasses; $200 clean up fee for any excessive matter in the vehicle.
4. No smoking inside the vehicle, a $200 charge will be added if smoking. No exceptions.
5. When minors are present partitions will not be closed.
6. Sunroof must stay closed while the vehicle moving.
7. No illegal drugs of any kind will be allowed in the vehicle. Customers/passengers will be fined at the vendor’s discretion with a minimum fine of $500 and will be subject to lawful action.
8. AMWD will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property.
9. Unruly persons will be expelled from the vehicle at the driver’s discretion (no refunds).
10. Overtime will be billed accordingly
11. Customers agree that contracted vehicles may be substituted in the event the contracted vehicle has experienced damage or mechanical problems making selected the selected vehicle unavailable. The customer will be notified in advance.

How do we order flowers?

Flower selections are based on availability and selection.
The very nature of flowers makes them inherently fragile and special, thus their inclusion of your special day. However, being on a remote island presents some logistic issues. Flowers may be substituted, at the sole discretion of the florist if the following occur, outside the control of the florist: a) flowers are not deliverable to the florist by the vendors involved, b) flowers are refused by federal or state county government officials at the airport, c) flowers arrive in a condition that is unsuitable for a formal event. In these cases, a substitution will be made. It is highly recommended that s substitution flower be arranged in advance of that suitable “color” be designated that allows the florist to still meet the requirements of the floral design.
All vases and rentals are the property of the florist and must be returned to the florist. If the vases are not returned a replacement fee will be assessed. The florist will be responsible for picking up the vases after the event.

How do we prepare for hair and makeup?

We request that clients have hair washed and completely dried the night before. Additional charges may apply for clients who arrive with wet hair and the require a blow dry. Stylists are not liable for allergic reactions to their products. Stylist request clients to bring their own products in uncertain about allergies or ingredients. The stylist may refuse a client where risk is present, including pink eye, herpes, head lice, flu or sickness, verbal abuse, and sexual harassment.

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