In an effort to reduce our environmental impact and encourage our partners to engage in more sustainable business practices, A Maui Wedding Day will be the first wedding service provider to launch a Sustainability Initiative called LOV3. Love another. Love land. Love community.

On Maui, we recognize the impacts of climate change firsthand and understand the fragility of our ecosystem every day. Sea levels have risen as much as a foot and a half in some shoreline areas, beaches are visibly receding, reefs are bleaching, and our island’s biodiversity is depleting.

Because of these realities, A Maui Wedding Day does not see adopting a sustainability initiative as an option, but rather, we see it as a necessity.

With that mindset, we will be focusing our wedding services toward zero-waste, sustainably sourced, and locally-driven with a team of partners who share in the LOV3 and community well.

We are so excited to mark the beginning of 2018 with this initiative and practice “better” business for the good of our environment and community.

We also hope to set an example to other businesses in the wedding and hospitality industries on Maui, as well as other businesses throughout the island. Our goal is to show what’s possible through teamwork and our Green Community.

We must remember that if we don’t take good care of this island, not only will it hurt our jobs, but also our community, families, and lifestyles. Strive to be sustainable in every aspect of our lives.

Join us in our small fight against climate change and in helping our local economy! And spread the LOV3 to our land and our community.



Founder, A Maui Wedding Day, LLC