Here are some simple and safe ways to travel with your wedding dress:

Our Maui wedding coordinator worked as a flight attendant for 25 years and has seen hundreds of wedding dresses on board flights to Hawaii and other wedding destinations. She is happy to share valuable advise about how to pack and travel with a wedding dress. Rest assured, your destination wedding dress may travel safely by air with ease.

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Large garment bags are too bulky to carry on and often times much larger than the airplane closets.  Airplane closets may be full of other jackets, suitcases, left over catering supplies, other carry ons that won’t fit into the overhead bins.

There may be extra cases of juice or water for the second beverage service, bags of peanuts for the return flight, and many other unknown items.

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If your large wedding dress bag is placed nicely in the closet at pre-boarding, by the end of the boarding process, there may be several pounds of heavy luggage sitting on top of it.

Chances are that the flight attendant may not be able to accommodate laying your dress across the length of a long overhead bin.

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When packing your wedding dress, make sure that your hands are washed and dry before handling it.  Squeeze the package a small and compact as possible. Once packed, place it inside a nice carry on bag with handles so that it is easy to carry.  Store your dress in an overhead bin in front of where you are seated. If possible board early to ensure that an overhead bin is available. Make sure your name and contact information is on your dress in case it is misplaced or lost.

Be sure to ask your Maui wedding planner in advance where to take your wedding attire for steaming upon your arrival. Please allow at least 24 hours for your wedding dress preparations and be aware that some services may be limited on weekends and holidays.

Have a happy, safe and enjoyable flight with your very special wedding dress!