A wedding is one of the most important events in one’s lifetime. Planning a Maui destination wedding can be one of the most stressful situations one will ever experience. Yet, the wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest and memorable days of your life. The pressure of making everything so perfect, having a destination wedding somewhere that you are not as familiar with, entertaining guests with activities and events throughout your vacation, little sleep and family issues. All of the caffeinated beverages and late night parties that lead up to your wedding day may snowball into unhealthy sleep patterns that lead to higher stress levels.

Stress is how one responds to situations. It affects emotions and behavior. The less stress, the more positive your energy will be for your wedding. Too much stress may cause difficulty sleeping, tense and mood swings. To prevent having stress and anxiety on your wedding day, focus the following:

Get adequate sleep. The average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep causes you to be irrational, have less patience, and become easily irritated. Stress will show in your wedding photos and may prevent you from enjoying your wedding day. You’re on vacation. Turn off your electronics and mobile devices while you sleep. What do most people do when they can’t sleep? They turn on their mobile devise. We recommend to relax and get ample sleep. If you cannot fall asleep, try taking a short walk or having a glass of milk or water. Rest assured that your Maui wedding planner will take care of all wedding details as your plan is complete and ready to go.

Delegate duties. When one experiences stress, they may forget smaller details. Rely on your experienced Maui based wedding planner to handle your wedding details. Once you arrive to the island, your vacation should begin and your wedding planner will ensure that your day runs seamlessly. Having to organize last minute favors, name cards, etc. is last thing you will have time for during your vacation. Your wedding planner will have a preferred plan in organizing your day.

Try to keep a healthy sleep schedule. We know that it may take at least 3 days to sync into a regular schedule with jet lag. Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water. Water does not mean caffeine, alcohol or sodas. Water also helps with jet lag, beginning with when you board your airplane to Maui. Eat healthy. Cut back on caffeine, refined sugars, too much alcohol and junk food. These types of foods my cause you to feel sluggish and low in energy. You most likely had little sleep the days just prior to leaving with all the packing and last minute planning. Once you arrive to Maui, this will be the perfect time to optimize your sleep schedule and try to get 8 hours of sleep per night.

Exercise daily if possible during your vacation. This will help to blow off some of the steam that may be building up, then reduce stress. Try not to exercise within 2 hrs. of going to bed. It takes about 2 hours for your body temperature to return to normal following exercise. Try to wind down before going to sleep by reading a book or listening to relaxing music.

Try to manage your thought process to reduce stress. Talk to your partner. Communication often relieves the anxiety that may arise from no knowing the answer to questions or not having someone to bounce thoughts and ideas from. The ideas of laying in bed and communicating your thoughts and emotions with your partner will help strengthen your relationship and provide the peace of mind your need to get a restful sleep. Communication is positive and the key to comfort and successful relationships.

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