Michael and Meraries Maui wedding day at the Hale Ko’olani Estate was a special day. What a great event with Lumiere Hawaii Photography!

Although Michael and Merarie worked together as lifeguards for many years, Michael was another cute guy who was easy to talk to. After 5 years of working together, they discovered their attraction for each other at Mama Juana’s where Michael played as a musician and Merarie loved to dance. Merarie soon became Michael’s #1 fan.

For Michael, choosing the perfect ring was one of the most difficult decisions he has ever made. It took months of research and shopping. He chose Time Square to be the special place to propose. Lots of planning and rehearsing his proposal was lost to nerves at 11:59 pm as the countdown began. At midnight, he dropped down to his knees and pulled out the ring box. As Merarie’s jaws dropped, Michael realized that she never had a clue and his surprise was planned perfectly.

The wedding day was stunning and amazing at Hale Ko’olani! Thank you Michael and Merarie for sharing your wedding day with A Maui Wedding Day!

Michael and Meraries Maui Wedding Day