The promises you make to each other is the heart of your wedding ceremony and the most important part of your special day. Your wedding vows may be the most meaningful words you will ever say to each other. There is no right or wrong way to go about them.

When does music take part in the wedding ceremony? The prelude signals to guests that it’s time to assemble and be seated. The processional is played when the bridal party walks down the aisle. Play a steady, simple beat like Pachelbel’s Canon in D. The recessional starts when your are married! That should be jubilant feeling while the guests stand up from their seats and leave the ceremony.

Is a wedding program required? No. You may skip this tradition. If you decide to hand out programs, try to keep the same theme as your wedding invitations. Your wedding program should include the date, time, venue, your full names, the wedding party’s full names, and the officiant/minister. It is appropriate to thank your guests for attending, especially since most of them traveled by air to arrive at this remote island paradise. Keep it simple. You want your guests to view the ceremony while not fumbling through wedding program pages. Additional ideas may include your vows, songs, honor deceased or those who were not able to attend. You may wish to add your new address at the end of your program.

What is the order of the processional? It’s up to you! Traditional Order: Grandparents, Mother of the Groom, Mother of the Bride, Groomsmen (if not at the altar with the groom), Maid/Matron of Honor, Ring Bearer, Flower Girl, Bride and her Escort (father, both parents, friend or relative).

How should you handle cultural or religious differences? At the beginning of your wedding planning process, discuss this with your family members so concerns can be expressed. Bring elements from both beliefs. In the end, it may be a difficult decision, but decide what you both want, with the consideration of your family members, and hope that they will be happy for what you decide.

How do you obtain your Hawaii marriage license? In the state of Hawaii, you are required to bring your photo ID’s, just as you presented to the TSA at the airport security. There is an additional marriage licensing fee of $65. which will be paid directly to your licensing agent. They prefer to be paid in cash. Once your wedding ceremony is over, your wedding fficiant has 10 days of which to mail in your signed marriage certificate to the State of Hawaii. The processing time will be approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Your marriage licensing agent will provide you with a green expediting form to fill out if you would like to receive your marriage license sooner, by a week or two. Please mail your expedited form as soon after your wedding as possible. Your licensing appointment will take approximately 1/2 hr. There are several marriage licensing agents throughout the island of Maui. You should not have to drive too far to your appointment, unless your appointment is on a weekend. Some agents work on weekends or they will provide weekend services with advance notice from you.

How can we recognize special guests or loved ones in the wedding ceremony? Our Maui Wedding ceremonies honor special guests with a lei greeting. Your officiant will direct this special moment. Your Best Man may hold the special leis draped over his arm during the wedding ceremony, then hand them to the officiant when asked to do so. You may also honor the deceased with a lei tossed at sea. We will use a biodegradable lei string for this occasion so that we can protect our sea life. Other ways to honor the deceased is to light a candle, display a photo on a table near the altar, or place a lei on the unoccupied seat in the front row that would have been designated for the deceased guest. Ask the officiant for a moment of silence early in the ceremony as he/she mentions “those who are not here with us…”

Where do the guests take their seats? Traditionally the bride’s side is on one side and groom’s family sits on the other side of the aisle. You may choose to seat the immediate family on their perspective sides. The other guest may be seated where ever they are comfortable. The bride’s side usually sits on the left side, facing the altar.

How long should the ceremony last? Although there is no magic number, your wedding ceremony should last about 20 to 30 minutes.

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