Unplug the Wedding Ceremony

A picture speaks a thousand words, right?  Here’s an idea for your upcoming wedding…

Not to say that your friends and family aren’t brilliant photographers themselves, but you are paying for a professional photographer. In order to capture every emotion, detail, and angle, the photographer needs to have clear and easy access. So, our idea is that you politely ask all guests to refrain from using their mobile phones or digital cameras during the entire wedding; keep it unplugged. They can always see the wedding pictures later on, on social media or the photography site. The actual ceremony, ring exchange, and big kiss are key aspects of your wedding; you wouldn’t want your professional pictures ruined because of your guest photographers in the way, would you?

You’re paying the photographer big money to capture every moment, but sometimes it’s not that easy when there are “roadblocks” in the way. Also, just as much as it’s in the way of the photographer, it can be in your way as well. Can you imagine not being able to see your partner’s face when walking down the aisle, because of a cell phone or iPad in the way? That’d be terrible! Often times, not on purpose, guests do get in the way. It’s almost as if their images are more important than you getting married; they’re so focused on the picture that they don’t actually see your emotions and catch every detail.

By having an unplugged wedding, your photographer is sure to capture each image perfectly! Your guests will be able to truly enjoy the ceremony with no distractions. This idea doesn’t mean that they cannot bring their cellular devices, but just asks the guests politely not to use their phones, cameras, or iPads besides making a call of course. This idea of being unplugged also gives everyone the chance to mingle; nowadays people are so addicted to screens, that putting them down for a while will bring them back to reality; they’ll have a lot more fun.

As stated in Cosmopolitan, “weddings are to celebrate love, not to compete with 50 other guests for the photo of the back of the bride’s head,” and we couldn’t agree more!

So, while sending out your invitations, insist on an unplugged ceremony: no technology.