Who should give a speech and when? What should they say? Speeches normally occur toward the end of the meal or during the meal. You may have many or few. The main thing is that the special guests are thanked and the bridal couple is wished well for the future. The traditional order of speakers is:

Welcome speech
First course
Main course & dessert
Introduction of the bride and groom with toast
Groom responds & proposes toast to the bridesmaids. Thank everyone who has
contributed to the wedding day. Thank the bride
Bride’s speech. It’s ok to repeat what the groom said. You may choose to speak
together as a couple
Best man responds on behalf of the bride and groom to highlight the reception
Toast to bride’s parents by a relative or close friend
Father of the bride responds. Toast to bride and groom
Toast to groom’s parents by a relative or close friend
Groom’s father responds

If Auntie Pauline is dying to say something, forget the tradition and personalize your wedding. Likewise, if dad gets butterflies in his stomach when speaking in public, spare him the stress. As long as special guests are thanked and the newlyweds are wished the best, speeches and toasts are simply added to liven up the atmosphere.

Do you need a master of ceremonies? The MC is an important person for tying everything together so that the day runs smoothly. Your wedding coordinator will work closely with the MC to keep everything according to the timeline. Choose someone who has a great sense of humor, close friend or hire a professional MC.

Sound and lighting are important aspects. You may have music monitored to go with each introduction and lighting dimmed to the perfect ambiance. The music can create a “drum roll” or represent the one who will be introduced next.